$20,000 Pledged for the Future of a English School in Guilin

Hey everyone, my brother and I decided to contribute $20,000 for the making of Shenmue III. We spent many hours thinking about whether this is a good or bad decision. We spent $10,000 in 2012 to get our school off the ground and that went a long way.


Because of our initial $10,000 pledge, the school received an amazing amount of attention in China, social media and gaming websites. I’ll reiterate, We are not wealthy! This was a hard decision.


We could have given $20,000 directly to building the school and it’s programs but we feel that this pledge will lead to more exposure and support than what we could do through other mediums.


For those who don’t know our school yet. We are called The “V.E.T. Program” (Volunteer English Teacher). You can find us on Facebook.  We teach children and young adults English to help in their educational and career pursuits.


Many of these kids come from small villages in the Guilin area and may not have an opportunity to learn elsewhere. You can go to the “about” section on the Facebook page to learn more.


We really need help in reaching our goals. We would love for you to like us on Facebook. We will eventually look outside ourselves and setup a way for donations to be made but we didn’t want to distract from the Kick Starter or be overbearing donation hunters.




We decided to make the second $10,000 pledge a character in the game. We don’t want to be a character attacking Ryo though. We are going to try and ask Yu Suzuki to let us have one of our Volunteer Chinese teaching assistants be a character in one of the villages. They deserve to be recognized for their hard work. They are volunteers and many of them come from poor rice farms.



shenmue fan guilin teacher students english


We are also hoping that since we will be listed in the credits as a special sponsor that it can have our school with a logo and a website rather than our names.


I don’t think any of this would be asking too much. I think it would help get attention to the school. We would love any assistance in helping us achieve this. We also would love to have Yu Suzuki come to the school some day but we won’t don’t want to be greedy.


Please, help our little school!


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