$39 Digital Upgrade & Collector’s Shenmue Character Busts


Happy Shenmue to You! 

Here we go, the final rewards for the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter! This is your absolutely last chance to get these Kickstarter only rewards and help #SaveShenmue !!!




SAVE SHENMUE DIGITAL UPGRADE – $39 Kickstarter exclusive Shenmue III wallpaper set. The wallpapers will feature the Real Deal Ryo & Sure as Sugar Shenhua – the perfect models of our heroes as they were always imagined to be! + Your name on the official Shenmue III website. Includes the $29 Reward.


  • Only backers pledging at the $100 tier or above will have their name credited in the game.
  • This reward will be included in all higher rewards.


Shenmue Character Bust


SHENMUE CHARACTER BUST – $2,500 Concept design models of the main characters, produced for the development of Shenmue 1. These busts were important stepping stones in the design phase to make them as life-like as possible, and were the first time the characters took shape (literally). Good condition, with wear and discoloration from all the loving hands that went into making Shenmue.


Choose one: Ryo (2 available), Shenhua (4 available), Ren (3 available) or Lan Di (3 available). First come, first serve! Limit 12. Includes the RYO VOICE MESSAGE BY COREY MARSHALL Reward.


Campaign Final Hours Twitch Broadcast 

Yu Suzuki will be joined with the Shenmue 3 project members in a special live broadcast to count down the final hours as the Kickstarter project comes to a close. Scheduled to make an appearance are animation producer Hiroaki Takeuchi and main character designer Kenji Miyawaki.

The official Shenmue 3 Twitch channel can be found at:


The festivities will start at the following time:

  • Yokosuka: July 18, 8:00AM JST
  • Hong Kong: July 18, 7:00AM HKT
  • Bailu: July 18, 7:00AM CST
  • Los Angeles: July 17, 4:00PM PDT
  • New York: July 17, 7:00PM EDT
  • Berlin: July 18, 1:00AM CEST
  • Paris: July 18, 1:00AM CEST
  • Rome: July 18, 1:00AM CEST
  • London: July 18, 12:00AM BST
  • Moscow: July 18, 2:00AM MSK
  • Seoul: July 18, 8:00AM KST
  • Sydney: July 18, 9:00AM AEST
  • Rio de Janeiro: July 17, 8:00PM BRT


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