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Get ready for the Game Realms Shenmue Geekout event,
on Saturday March 2nd, 1 PM to 4 PM.



Full event


Now also including the awesome trio of Lisle Wilkerson, Corey Marshall and Adam Koralik.



The event will featured Corey Marshall (the Western voice of Ryo Hazuki), Lisle Wilkerson (voice actress on many games, including Shenmue II) and Adam Koralik (Big Youtuber and Shenmue fan).



Initially, the event was supposed to be just with Corey Marshall, but recent positive developments have led to the welcome inclusion of Adam Koralik and then most recently, Lisle WIlkerson.





Also, perhaps telling that Lisle WIlkerson seems to be making a lot of these appearances alongside Corey Marshall.



It’s understood that there are non-disclosures in place, meaning they’re are unable to discuss anything related in-game, which could reveal too much…



But several small things point to the likes of Lishao Tao or another Lisle WIlkerson voiced character, arriving in the 3rd game (Joy for example).



And of course, as we know Ren is there, so will Joy follow? …



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