Changing The Game – Interview with Hiroaki Takeuchi

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Changing the Game – an Interview with Hiroaki Takeuchi


Hello Everyone!

Yu Suzuki’s power of imagination, and the genius to bring it all together, has manifested itself time and again with every work of art he has produced. His vision for the future of entertainment– the concept that was Shenmue–was to fuse movies, video games, and digital and analog media of all stripes, in order to create a world where you could truly become someone else and live that life. That vision undeniably lives on in the hearts and souls of so many games that came after it.

Hiroaki Takeuchi believes we will see the same visionary greatness from Yu Suzuki this time around with Shenmue 3.

Hiroaki Takeuchi, the renowned animation pioneer and digital content authority, will be teaming up with Yu Suzuki again as Animation Producer for Shenmue 3. His work on the original Shenmue as an animation adviser helped Yu Suzuki realize that vision to merge animation and cinematic together with video games.



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