A Weekend with Yu Suzuki by (Amir Moosavi)

I’m probably still dreaming…

Reading the news about the Shenmue III E3 reveal through bleary eyes, I was sure I wasn’t awake yet. I was just thirteen the first time I saw the end credits roll for Shenmue II, and hope for a sequel had diminished in the fourteen long years that had since passed.

I’ve written a few words on the history of Shenmue and its importance to the medium of video gaming. In short, from the first preview images I saw of Shenmue, it was apparent that this was a project of ambition and passion, venturing beyond previous technological limitations to make more than a game: visuals that strove for both realism and beauty, a world of hundreds of characters, all with their own voice and daily routine, and a soundtrack comprised of pieces from some of the most talented Japanese composers…

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