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Event is now Finished

You can find my report on the Magic Monaco Conference 2018 here



Only 2 days left before the International anime game conference in Nice held at the Grimaldi Forum, 24th February 2018 managed by Cédric Biscay, Shibuya Productions.


Yu Suzuki San Magic

The event will be held in Monaco on the 24th February


I have been looking forward to this event unable to attend the last one. This time made it my mission to get to this one and report as much as I can on the event, mainly on Shenmue III also get to meet childhood hero of mine which is Yu Suzuki.

This is considered a break for me as well expect many other non Shenmue related content please be patient as the event will be going on all day. Please check below for more details and check official event details at the Magic Monaco website for the event schedule.


Magic Program 2018

Magic Program 2018


Shenmue Master will be making video on Magic Monaco event in 4K mainly covering news on Shenmue 3 – Please check out and subscribe to ShenmueMaster YouTube channel and keep an eye out for this when it will be made available..


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It’s going to be an event to remember


I think we are all anticipating Shenmue III game-play being this late in development also the game to be released in the last half of 2018 also many other surprises we have not yet seen so far at this stage.

I am certainly looking forward to it.

It hasn’t been easy ride following all the KickStarter updates and all the news. However latest screenshots from Paris conference that was held by Cédric Biscay showing off the latest character model of Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua and other Shenmue III locations and environments.

It’s a safe bet Shenmue III is looking promising what is expected but still being able to see actual game-play and the game come to life is the main draw for us at this event this why so many of us have been anxious to see how the game might play like on it’s release in the last half of 2018.


Magic Program 2018

Magic Program 2018

Magic Program 2018

Event is now Finished

You can find my report on the Magic Monaco Conference 2018 here

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