Battle System Expanded Al Battling Unlocked: A Convenient Truth

Within the last couple of days, the funds for Shenmue III have surpassed a whopping $7 million.


And to add to that great news, we’ve also unlocked the next area stretch goal, “Battle System Expanded Al Battling”.


Battle System Expanded High Ground Battle System – Stretch Goal Reached.


So things are turning super cereal…


Also, it’s very encouraging to see the addition of yet more facets to the gameplay, that we’re all hoping to see.



Remember the site for donations, to the funding of Shenmue III, is still open. If you are unaware, this site is called the “Slacker Backer Campaign” and it has remained open since after donations stopped via the Kickstarter avenue.



All a clever way of keeping up funding for Shenmue III and also allowing many fans to get their hands on some of the items, that were also present within the Kickstarter reward tiers.


The site is available in English and also Japanese and Chinese, for other overseas fans of the series.


The Slacker Back Campaign and any more donation taken will be stopped on the 13th August 11:59 PM JST – 7:59 AM PDT, regarding when the “Slacker Backer Campaign” will close.

We cannot stress enough, the more of these area stretch goals we can get through, the more the game will live up to its massive expectations.



 Shenmue III is indeed already starting to look something special and is developing really nicely, as recent updates have shown.


But the kind of dent financially, AAA games make, tends to be rather big. And regardless of what certain gamers, critics, or skewed sales figures may say, Shenmue is a AAA series. Being so, it’ll need every single penny from the fans, to live up to the massive hype, understandably it has generated.



The funding is also reaching perilously close to the Kickstarter record in the games category, at $8,80 million. And interestingly enough, the very last area stretch goal after $11 million, is marked at ???.

What could that be? The addition of forklifts or something even more surprising?


So pretty much after the release of the Shenmue I & II collection, attention will majorly switch back to aggressively promoting the Slacker Backer site. All in the hope, that some of these intriguing area stretch goals can be reached.



If like some of us, you are still hoping to upgrade, or wanted a particular reward tier, these last couple of months are the last chance to get your hands on some real Shenmue history.


Don’t miss out!


(ಠ▂ಠ,) @DeathWishRyo




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