Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Message from Shenmue500K  Founder Andy Stinton – @DeathWishRyo (ಠ▂ಠ,)


This banner from the fake page should concern many: Not only does it attempt to divide and accuse other pages, basically our ORIGINAL ones. It shows them up as the stirrers and trouble makers that they are.



Followers living and breathing?


Just a shame this wasn’t an issue when we were working collaboratively. And for the record, a vast number of our followers are living, breathing fans.

Have a check inside ‘their’ group and check how many living breathing fans are in there. Lots, but also lots of ‘bots’ as they would call them. See, they are ok to target us and say things, but don’t like it so much when the boot is on the other foot.

We shouldn’t be acting against each other, if we can’t get on, then we should just ignore, not block and discourage fans.

The very division they accuse us, the people who made 500K of, is the only thing they seek to do. It doesn’t matter if they see themselves as more professional or ‘better’, we ALL have a right to use online platforms and support things in the way we see fit. Isn’t this not a thing called freedom of choice?

As you can see we were being followed been like this for many many years since the announcement of Shenmue 3 at E3 GameShow.

As you can see we were being followed been like this for many many years since the announcement of Shenmue 3 at E3 GameShow.

(Dispute has now been resolved we are now back being followed by @Shenmue_3 Twitter Account)


As you can see we have been removed as to no reason as to why this has happened replaced with sham account. Not the official one which was shown above which has been part of the campaign even before Shenmue 3 was actual thing.

Recently removed no reason as to why, no response as to why either – replaced with sham account. Not the official one which was shown above which has been part of the Shenmue500K campaign even before Shenmue 3 was actual thing – This comes across as a passive aggressive in it’s handling of the situation poorly handled.


(Dispute has now been resolved we are now back being followed by @Shenmue_3 Twitter Account)


Note: – As of today while I type this (18.1.2018), the trouble makers in question have managed to remove our Twitter from the Official Shenmue 3 page. Without question, we will not accept this.


And things will turn very nasty as a result, for those in question and those undeniably responsible. This underhanded vile action designed to upset many of us, will not succeed. I’d have had no issue with that page being followed, as I have no issue with vast majority of fans in the group. But I DO when it is in place of our account!


And when it has been used to spread lies and personal insults and to enforce personal vendettas.


Sadly, I think it has come to the point, that some people may have to be told by those higher up, to put up, shut up and work together. And if some cannot do so, then to just ignore others for the good of the community.


In relation to this article, I was not going to go through with posting it. But as today (18.1.2018) the Official Shenmue 3 Twitter has unfollowed us and replaced us with the fake page, I am now forced to.

A good number of us are not supporting the #SaveShenmueHD campaign, after a major falling out with the ‘owner’. Instead we are helping efforts in a different way, without their ‘help’.


The same ‘owner’ who relied on me to help him with all of the events in their early stages. We shall not support a campaign that they have used to tar our names and help divide fans with. We worked hard on #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense and #SaveShenmue for years and now him and they want to spit in our faces? Not a chance. In. Hell.


And all the photo opportunities and tweets of expensive gifts cannot change the fact, that you three are massive frauds. And again we shall re-iterate, everyone should feel free to support or not support as they see fit.


Please feel free to tweet #SaveShenmueHD: or any other hashtag you wish to. It is not us who are intent on dividing fans, some need to look a lot deeper than first appearances. As it is only when you dig deeper that you discover things are not all what they first seemed.

Instead we have made a new event #TeamShenmue👊 day to make a more inclusive, broader hashtag to incorporate the brilliance of the fanbase. One where we can explore and aggressively promote the causes we need to, to further the interests of the Shenmue saga.


They use this alienate cast out other legit and honorable Shenmue fans.

They use this alienate cast out other legit and honorable Shenmue fans.

I shall point out, I would have no problem at all with this page, even proclaiming themselves official, IF they weren’t so hell bent on trying to undermine and target us. So for these reasons mainly, it is why we shall not accept their ‘officialdom’.


And why are they and others so keen to undermine us?

They are and have always been, threatened by us for a LONG time. So they foolishly try every trick in the book to try and “shut us down”.


As of today (18.1.2018) they may feel they have fired a crippling shot to us, but it only makes us more determined to succeed. And after today, the ones responsible should be warned that we will only up our efforts in every field. This cowardly action today, will only strengthen our resolve.


We could not care even if you got Yu Suzuki to come out and say your stuff is Official, the only stuff that truly is, is OURS. And we shall remain defiant on this to the very end, no matter how many so called respected pages that you hide behind. As, for what it is truly worth, we have right on our side. Morally we have always tried to act in the correct way, others who accuse us, have not so.


We have been around for years and like you and many fans, have put blood, sweat and tears into this campaign.


We shall not answer to anyone. We shall not give ground to anyone. 

And we shall not give up for anyone.


And I shall be blunt as I say this, many of these low blow actions from so-called fans could lead some to suicide. And I am sure as I say this, in other campaigns in the past, maybe this has even happened.

I would not take any pleasure in seeing someone harm themselves as a result of my actions and I would’ve liked to think the same of EX friends of the campaign. But with regards to today’s actions, I just do not know anymore. Some truly vile people there are, who have far too much power. And I am ashamed I once called any of them friends.


And the Dojo and Master sites need to take a long hard look at themselves, if this is the kind of people they support. We should be supporting ALL fans and at the very least NOT alienating them.
If some do not agree or do not like us, fine.

But it is not for you to encourage the fanbase to take sides. Otherwise can you really consider yourself to be fans after all? As to sum up, are we not all fans?


Note we have not negatively targeted the tweetathon or numerous other avenues, when we would have had more than enough valid reason to. And why is this?

Well, because we are better than that. And as fans we should ALL be better than that. Better than to discourage and to try and poison fans against each other.


We have taken our complaints higher in response to numerous underhand tactics from sham500k and can only wish the best to certain fans within the 2nd group, who have been solely turned against us.


We greatly respect many of you and so some of you need to question the motives of those who seek only to use you for their own gain.


For the record, our ONLY issue and beef is with these three people and these three people alone:


1: @shenmuestare – Aaron “Fraud” Barstow


Shenmue Stare Alienating Shenmue fans since records began

Shenmue Stare Alienating Shenmue fans since records began.


– Self appointed ‘manager’ and the main reason the 2nd Facebook group has turned so nasty. Kicked out one of our best contributors Tony Ranger and numerous others. Power hungry to the detriment of the fanbase.

Keen on alienating others for his own gain and likely the main source for getting fans to block other pages. Claims to be the ‘creator’ of the very campaign I made from the beginning. Doesn’t seem to like that FACT.

Liar, cheat and a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Even though I couldn’t stand him, I tried to work with him again for the good of the campaign. Not workable. Fraud.

Has sent many abusive messages to various people and is the very embarassment, he likely accuses me of being. Ziming of the Dojo received an extremely abusive message from him, of which there is 100% proof to back it up.




Please check this video where Aaron Barstow used image of Bertie Wiseman from a interview with The Gaming Ground about his new movement Dreamcast Reloaded and the rise of Sega Fans. This is level they will go make life hell for Shenmue fans.



Please view this video on desktop computer to read the comments more easily, done the video this way to prove this not fabrication the real deal not taken out of context actually how they treat others. Hardly acceptable behaviour.



This is where Aaron Barstow took the image of Bertie and used it as his Profile Image on Facebook – Over a campaign that has nothing to do with him. All because we had ShenmueHD as part of campaign Project.

Bertie Wiseman interview with Dreamcast Reloaded

Bertie Wiseman Interview with The Gaming Ground about Dreamcast Reloaded movement and rise of Sega Fans.

The reason why Bertie Wiseman had the Gaming Ground Interview was because of a public Sega Proposal – Please check this yourself tell me this acceptable behaviour over another campaign that had nothing to do with him? – for the record all games that have been included in this proposal were voted on via Dreamcast Reloaded Members we have now surpassed over 4100 members this week! We have finally moved to our current goal regarding console side of the the campaign with the Sega Spartan check it out below.



Spartan Console

Spartan Console


2: @2tweet2besour – James “Snake” Hamill
(@teamyu @teamyuneedsyou)

Team Yu - Blocking others who do not agree with them since records began

Team Yu – Blocking others who do not agree with him since records began.



– A once ally within the movement, now a massive backstabber. And I never even called Stare an ally.

Great at writing, but not so great at writing the actual facts. Now only keen to cover his own back and accuse others, rather than give them the credit they ALL deserve. Monstrously egocentric and has put his own interests ahead of the very community, he claims to support.

Very likely the ‘mastermind’ behind getting the Dojo and Master to take sides.

Used us to further his own goals, little does he know we too used him and much more so. Sees himself as the big saviour, whereas he was just one small cog in a massive movement. Uses a backup page @teamyu that only got so big with MY help (boosted), same for the tweetathon event and the sheer number of fans we ALL worked incredibly hard on building up. The biggest traitor in the entire campaign. Snake.


3: @novinworksplus – Ali “Clown” Novin
(@niaosun @novinworks)

Ali Novin Ambassador Twitter Account

Ali Novin Shenmue Ambassador the Founder of Shenmology – He will show you enough ‘enlightenment’ with his ‘spiritual context’ and enough dialogue to build a wall around Mexico. We have reached out to Ali Novin to help rectify this situation and pass on contact details: so we can sort this out ourselves, but he’s refused to help us at any turn to sort this problem out – Not so great at being diplomatic adviser and probably was the one who help get the account removed and taken down in the first place. All this drama could of been avoided if he just left things alone, if that not the case… He should at least give us the right information so we can sort any issues out as this should be one Ambassadors duties. However: he continue’s to have a habit of interfering and dividing situation; hence why this article had to happen – Not something we are proud of when you’re reputation is at stake due to social sabotaging by a few select individuals what else can we do, If the very people put in these positions are failing to live up to their roles treating the fan base fairly?



– Using his wrongly given “ambassador” role as leverage. While other ambassadors truly earn’t their status, his was possibly down to other factors. One of the most divisive members within the community. Has sent numerous harassing emails to me and others in the past.

Revels in his ‘Official’ role but lacks the ability to be civil or neutral. Constantly ‘harps on about spiritualism’ and yet takes none of his own advice.

Was forced to block him many a time, because he just cannot take no for an answer. Made him an admin a long time ago and he has acted like a Gestapo officer ever since. One of the main causes of the situation being made worser. Arguably, the biggest trouble-maker of them all. Clown.


To be perfectly honest concerning Aaron, James and Ali, we wish no real harm, we just pity them.

Pity what a pitiful bunch of people they have turned into. Pity at how they have become so power hungry and obsessed with bragging rights, that they forget the real heroes of the campaign, the fans.


And we would rather not have had any of this bad feeling. If we could go back and rewind, then we would. BUT they have brought it all on themselves.


And if people want to call us low for doing this article, we would question their actions as more low. Getting several respected pages and the Dojo and Master to take sides, is not the actions of a true fan. They are the actions of a narccissist and an egomaniac.


People only interested in themselves , rather than doing good. by the fan community. We remain firm in our stance of which we encourage every fan to use all the links and stay neutral, in what is a dispute between about six of us.


I see myself as an everyfan. I am not rich, in fact, I am not well off in any shape or form. And likely may never be. I likely will never see the Far East or meet Yu Suzuki and this may not help in an internal battle over credibility and toxic egos.


But I have a respectable collection and have worked very hard on this campaign for years. I have been and am a die-hard Shenmue and SEGA fan since literally forever. Many other fans share this.


We may not have the social links, or financial power to show ourselves as “more worthy”, but we do still count. In the same way, every fan who donated even a small bit to the cause, counts. Time or money, every fan effort counts. Every fan counts. We all count.


So the ‘Elitism and Arrogance’ that has crept in, especially into the Shenmue 500K 2nd Facebook group and wider, has been very worrying, to say the least.


We need to be working on encouraging more fans, rather than discouraging them. The reason I have not stayed quiet with this follow up article is, I am more than happy to throw the three individuals concerned, under the bus. They have been more than happy to do the same with us, so likewise should be willing to have this thrown back at them. A line was crossed a number of months back and today (18.1.2018) this line has been truly drawn. So certainly as far as we’re concerned, there is no route back for those three people.


We shall be working very hard within the months and years, to take every brick back and build a positive fan community again. One which includes everyone and tries hard not to alienate anyone. As the Shenmue II quote said, we may have dug our grave, but some have dug theirs a long time ago.


To those concerned and those responsible, hear this:

We will be a thorn in your side at every turn. We shall re-take back OUR campaign and we SHALL eclipse everything any of you ever did. And only then will you see who doesn’t matter and who doesn’t count.

@DeathWishRyo (ಠ▂ಠ,)


(Dispute has now been resolved we are now back being followed by @Shenmue_3 Twitter Account)

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