Bringing Sega Home


Bringing Sega Home

It has been one crazy hyped-up ride since  my article on “Shenmue & Dreamcast Intertwined Fate” which turned out to be most viewed article on shenmue500K website never imagined it would hit so many Shenmue & Sega fans harts.

Shenmue fans got their wish and it seems there are many Sega fans who want their dream realized too: that is simply for Sega to come back into hardware and have a console for their titles.

Sega Games belong on a Sega System. It doesn’t feel right when we see “Sonic” team up with “Mario” or playing “Sonic Adventure 2” on the GameCube or Phantasy Star Universe  on 360 or Phantasy Star portable 2 on PSP or playing a watered down mobile version of Crazy Taxi on a mobile deviceCrazy Rush then not being able to play Phantasy Star online 2 on a PC because there has been no Western release; it’s almost soul shattering.Phantasy Star Portable Twoon PSPGO

What makes it harder is the bitter yet awesome rivalry that existed between Sega and NintendoSega vs Nintendo back in the 90s, with those golden years behind us, I think a lot of Sega fans felt lost and fractured having to play games on systems where the Sega brand doesn’t really fit. This damaged Sega the most in profitability and image of the company; especially how their game IP’s have been roaming the waste lands of other consoles.

It’s no wonder Sega had to focus on milking Sonic to death and abandon other IP’s.

Sega’s approach to gaming now feels fragmented when we see Sega games on rival consoles; remember the tag line in the 90s “Genesis Does What Nintendon’tGenisis does what Nintendont.

Now look at Sonic the Hedgehog teaming up Mario in winter Olympics. When classic outsells your cash cows: It wasn’t long ago that “Streets of Rage Two / Bare Knuckle 2” was released on Nintendo 3DS, funnily enough this turned out to be the most profitable game for Sega. “Streets of Rage II / Bare Knuckle 2bare-knuckle-2-streets-of-rage series has been popular since the early 90s.

It’s also one of the IPs that hasn’t seen a sequel for very long time. When we can see a game like “Streets of Rage II” outselling “Sonic” or “Miku” and the amazing response and overwhelming support from the fans to get Shenmue 3 funded, surely you would think it would be a massive wake up for Sega!Sega Metric

Sega other do not stack up

It’s clear as day in my eyes that Sega has been missing a trick or two to make themselves more profitable as a brand and better their company image.

Only recently Sega has been asking everyone to take part in a survey and with all this commotion surrounding Sega at the moment, it would seem they want to hear back from us.Sega Survey

I see this as a good move by Sega, and proof of how out of touch they have let themselves become since the demise of the Dreamcast. With the rise of social media they have only just realized what their own fans can contribute to them and to the gaming world.

Is Sega listening? Most certainly. Could we see more engagement from Sega in the future towards their fans?  Well, it depends on Sega and their parent company Sega Sammy Holdings and how they plan to conduct themselves and their future business operations.


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Charis Charavopoulos Dreamcast Logo Design‎

It’s time to bring the Sega brand Home

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