Could an Xbox One version be in the pipeline in future?

One of the latest images that was released, showed what seemed to be an Xbox One controller setup on PC.


This is a Pawn Shop owner.


Now obviously, as many have pointed out, it’s likely that this is for PC to Xbox One controller compatibility and not the Xbox One port we’re desperate to see. But, surely this is also some sign that perhaps a long way down the line we will eventually see an Xbox One version of Shenmue III?

Same can be said with the Shenmue HD ports which made their way to PS4 and importantly, Xbox One as well. And as we all know, the likelihood increases with there being a PC version and the ease of which a PC port could be transferred to the Xbox One…


The Xbox version of Shenmue II split some of the fanbase, some liked it, some hated it.

Personal view is, whereas it unfavourably compares to the Dreamcast version graphically (VGA link up being a huge plus), there are a few advantages.

I found having all the game on one disc to be a lot more convenient, even though personally I loved the Dreamcast games that had numerous discs e.g Shenmue and Shenmue II, D2, Skies of Arcadia, Headhunter etc.

The voice overs, while criticised brutally by some, worked with the game and I felt gave a better transition from the first Dreamcast game (at least with the PAL release).

One of the big plus points was the Xbox controller’s extra analogue stick, allowing more freedom of movement with the camera.

Something, which will add to the latest release too.


Any more releases or versions would be great news, to further the reach of game and grow the fanbase.

We should put fanboy differences aside, whether we’re for PlayStation or Xbox and realise if Shenmue III makes it to both platforms, that would be the best option for every fan.

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