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Hi folks. Peter from the Dojo here.

We have been contacted from a rep for a new gaming T-shirt company started up by some talented artists here in the UK. The rep is pushing for the owner to create a Shenmue based T-Shirt, and is trying to highlight this with a petition to show the owner the numbers of Shenmue fans who would be interested. He believes around 100 signatures would be enough, so perhaps we can help him out and possibly have another item to add to our Shenmue collections. Here’s the message:

“I’m a part of an independent company (ran by two gamer girls) called Gametee –

Gametee was founded by two sisters with a life-long passion for video games. With the help of 582 inspirational Kickstarter backers who believed in their dream. Owners of Gametee, A.J. and Lucy Hateley, were able to fund their first production run of high quality, premium t-shirts for video gamers. Since then, Gametee has quickly grown to be the preferred choice of gamers who want to look great, feel comfortable, and wear with pride.

They deeply love what they do, and are committed to good business ethics, sustainable production, and fully supporting the gaming community.

I work alongside Gametee as their official photographer for their products, but also take great pleasure in speaking with the director about potential T-shirt designs. A personal favourite concept which I’d like to see come to fruition, is a Shenmue based design.

Fond memories fill my head from over 14 years ago when I first got my hands on Shenmue and spent hours upon hours of playing an incredible Japanese “slice-of-life” video game. Spending time wandering the streets of 1980’s Japan, talking to locals, buying groceries, and trying to complete that extensive gacha machine collection.

The director of Gametee (AJ) also loves this incredible game, and would love to create a new T-shirt design with a subtle reference to this Sega masterpiece. However I need to prove to her that there is an audience willing to invest in such a design. The game (as we all know) is a little obscure, and somewhat of a niche crowd following, however I know from reading Shenmue forums (praying for a Shenmue 3 creation) how passionate the fan base is.

Which brings me to this petition…

I’ve put forward the idea to AJ at Gametee, that if I can find a solid audience of 100 people interested in a uniquely inspired Shenmue T-shirt design, that the director will be willing to put forward a new T-shirt.

Understand this isn’t a contract for you to purchase a T-shirt, just that you’d be interested in one being designed! Show support!

What will the design look like? Only A.J knows. But you only have to spend a few minutes looking at her unique designs and huge support from other artists to know that the design will be nothing short of amazing. What better way to show your love for this incredible game, than with an incredible luxury T-shirt you can wear with pride.

Check out previous T-shirt designs to get a feel for the style of artwork here:

Sign this petition, help me get an awesome Shenmue T-shirt made. grin emoticon

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