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Question 1)

You recently started new a Dreamcast localisation / translation group on Facebook how did that come about?


dreamcasthub Guy

I want more easily accessible games for everyone (and me) lol. The only way to get more games from that golden age is to pluck them out of it. We need more games “of the time period” to actually find more amazing gems. I love the indie releases, and I buy them all. But I would also pay cash for quality translations. Until we get a hold of some solid programmers, its basically going to be pretty guides so people can get into the Japanese games easier. Just removing that initial barrier.

Never been into Localisation especially Japanese games but I can see why there would be interest in this.

Question  2)

Do you think there has been less Japanese game title release’s to the West?


dreamcasthub Guy

It’s been done before.

There was a guy who translated an entire war RTS for the Dreamcast by himself in about three years. Translating a full game with a few guys in a year is reasonable.

It’s just mainly the Western release’s are all English already. Comparing the portion of the world that speaks English compared to Japanese, there are a whole lot of folks missing out on some amazing games. Besides, Japanese games are just more interesting. Oftentimes too experimental to come out in the US or EU.

Additionally the Dreamcast lived on in Japan long after America was out. Lots of great games in that time.

Question  3)

Why do you think there has been less game title’s imported from Japan compared to the 90’s scene?

Do you think Western releases or international policies have played role in why there have been less game titles from Japan or do you think Japan is bias?


dreamcasthub Guy

I think it was usually due to the way Japan had thought of Western culture and buying habits in general. The West mainly get from Japan the “guaranteed hits” The stuff they thought no matter what we would be into. Things like Visual Novels and “Shmups” didn’t interest most of the Western world the way it did Japan.shmups Some probably left in Japan because of not having the IP the game was based on have any popularity in Western culture, or being “too complex or difficult”. I mean these are my opinions as to why.  Then the rest is because a bunch of titles came out or were started after the Dreamcast already was done in America. I could be wrong on all of this.

Question 4)

If Sega had a console of there own say – say if the Dreamcast kept going do you think we would of seen more experimental and obscure titles?

Since death of the DC / Dreamcast it seemed to have left massive void for allot of gamers.

dreamcasthub Guy

Yea. (not including indie titles) There just aren’t many games made these days that aren’t “safe”. Like they are meant to be made using the formula for awesome but then some restrictions come up or the bottom line rears its ugly head, or some non gamer CEO at a gaming company says “NO”.

Not many games today are made for the love of the art, it’s about “how much money will this make?” and if a feature wont add profit, don’t add it. I have been playing through recently a Visual Novel/Arena shooter akin to gungeon. gunbeonIt’s a dating sim type game with shmup and arena shooter sections with keyboard and mouse support… The game is nuts. Games aren’t like that now. Consoles aren’t like that now.

So we just polish the gold we missed out on originally and to some extent still now because I haven’t the faintest clue on the story. Would be a perfect game if it were in English.


Interesting I might have to look into those games when I get the chance.

Question 5)

Wondering if you think the “Indie scene” has played role in supporting “Japanese Localisation” or do think that is something separate?


dreamcasthub Guy

Well the main thing is the Indie scene is the last place you can still find games that really take chances. Much like most of Dreamcasts library is the connection.

Dreamcast games, especially Japanese ones are weird and amazing and risky and the only console you get those types of experiences from. I think we should always be striving to improve the Dreamcast library any way we can.

This is the way I feel I can help with that as my interest in Japanese titles increases, I will find more gems to try and have the community to translate. I Just want to use any thing at my disposal to improve the system as a whole.


I could not agree more what you just said I think gaming industry leans to heavily on AAA budget games these days which means smaller titles get less of a chance to get Published.

So let’s move on with what has been happening recently with new fan movement which started on the 1st Decemeber with the Dreamcast Petition and my Article “Shenmue & Dreamcast Intertwined Fate” the petition has now reached 33K petition signs.

Question  6)

Do you think latest Kick-Starter funding for “Shenmue 3 ” has rekindled the fan movement which wants Sega create console for there games?


dreamcasthub Guy

Well I would say its certainly something we could all hope for but in practicality…

I just don’t see it happening, even if it had, is Sega now, what they were? Not really.

Still I love Sega games, even some of the new ones. But it wasn’t just Sega that made the Dreamcast amazing in my opinions that was just as much to do with Capcom.

Nothing but gold from them on Dreamcast. See, it was the perfect storm that system. The perfect kinds of publishers and developers into the system. The right amount of publishers staying out of it too. It’s because of the Dreamcast. But it is also because of every other little thing that made it up, accessories, games, VMU, what it did for gaming as a whole. It just won’t be the same with a new one.

All the heart is in the old system. This is what I wish we would support more. I agree with Dreamcast Junkyard, I would have preferred Shenmue 3 on the Dreamcast. We all would have still payed

$60 for it.

But because of contracts and funding and “must be profitable” it’s coming out for a console I don’t even own.

We should focus on creating new experiences for the system we already love.


That’s incredible way to say how it was for the DC and it’s publishers for the Dreamcast system.

Thats never been something I would of even considered to think about and looking back, The Dreamcast always had a wealth full of games and incredible titles to boot that anyone pick-up and enjoy.

You say would of liked “Shenmue 3” come out on the DC seeing as I run Shenmue500K website I get see read-up on allot of content.

I am sure someone asked Cedric Biscay about having option like this for “Shenmue 3” but with Dreamcast Graphics or possibly the character models at least.

Who knows maybe in future Q&A we could ask YS NET if they could have new reward tier that if reached that would have this as option.

Question  7)

All this talk about Sega getting back into hardware do you think this realistic approach or do think there is alternative way for Sega to support it’s many fans?


dreamcasthub GuyI think the best way (not that this would ever happen) but if they supported us through licensing. They take their old IP’s or even other companies IP’s on their Dreamcast system and Translate them based on want/need.

Literally if they said tomorrow they were going to start re-releasing games for the Dreamcast ON the Dreamcast. I couldn’t even explain my excitement. They have a lot to choose from.

Just no re-releasing games w/o changing them. Like no re-prints, I would not be happy with that as much. I just think it would be cost effective as hell and would really make a lot of people happy.

Then they can start converting Saturn games for play on DC, it’s a nearly endless selection when you start including them too. Even as compilation discs.

Like could you imagine an official Sega Remaster of DonPachi and DoDonpachi?!donpachi

I would throw my $60 at the screen so fast my monitor would explode…

The only reason I say no re-releases is I would hate it to effect the collector value for any games people already own.


I think see where you are coming from simply put you are saying Sega should export games that were not localized from Japan to the West over to the Dreamcast with new licence’s but published by Sega correct?

dreamcasthub Guy

Yea, with jewel cases and English Colour manual’s and everything looking like it was released 2000 from SEGA.

That would be a dream come true, I really would start buying “new” games again.

Question  9)

Do you think there is enough Dreamcasts in circulation for this to work?

Even I have to admit it’s really not that difficult to pick up cheap £20 Dreamcast at my local retro shop.

dreamcasthub Guy

Yea, there would be a bigger demand for Dreamcasts, and as you say there are plenty out there.

I mean if official games come out then maybe they might go up to like $50. But that’s still reasonable for a console. Would also find more demand (and support as time went on) for replacement part’s and mod’s and maybe colour replacement cases again.

It would be a true Dreamcast Resurgence.

Sega needs to realize that system is their legacy.

That’s where they still have rabid fans. Those fans consistently pay $60 every time a new title comes out. They could even release Genesis/Megadrive collections and stuff for like $20.

I would still pay it. I mean look how crazy Amibos are for Nintendo.

I just see them taking the same amount of shelf space as that, even people who don’t currently own a Dreamcast would do what they had to do get one if they saw Dreamcast games just sitting on a shelf for sale in best buy.

The other thing they could do easily is set up servers for the online games for Dreamcast and support the guy’s making the Dream Pis so we can buy a “connect kit” or whatever Sega would call it and pay $10 a month to play online with the Dreamcast.

Like I’m certain they can get servers up again if they were getting paid.

Question  10)

There are still games even now that are being made to run on the Dreamcast “Falco Gargis” has been working a old school style RPG but with Dreamcast twist to boot “Elysian Shadows
I think people would probably want to play this on the Dreamcast how it was intended than say mobile version just for authenticity.

Peirs SolarPier Solar all ready has been been released on the Dreamcast which also has a Mega-Drive Release.

Elysian Of Shadows

Elysian of Shadows Game







dreamcasthub GuyAlready bought it. lol.

I’m weird even if there was a superior version on PC compared to the DC version I would still buy the Dreamcast / DC version because I want to chill on my Dreamcast.
It’s weird, its a loyalty thing.

Your right though, because the rare support of the system, any chance we get to do so we will (I agree) usually go that route. Because there is something special about the DC, I’m not all that sure that it’s just me.

Did you buy any of the indies coming out soon?

There is sl@ve, Alice Dreams Tournament, and as you said Elysian Shadows.

Question 11)

It really is man as much Shenmue had massive impact on my gaming life it was actually Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast that blow my mind made want one so badly I was probably 15 at the time.

I remember stuffing my paper-round money into my teddy bear I had since was 5 as hiding place so I could buy one,lol.

Yeah I haven’t bought any new release’s for the Dreamcast just yet I missed my chance to buy “Elysian Shadows” which I am annoyed about but I am 100% sure Falco Gargis will deliver on his promise even though they have gone though there own Fiasco surrounding the game.

Right think we covered allot in this interview about Localisation and what Sega can do for it’s fans and supporting the Dreamcast and re-sparkled or should I say re-kindled interest in Sega at this moment of time.

Question 12)

I will end this interview with a few more questions but on Shenmue 3 – when did you hear about Shenmue 3 KickStarter and what was you’re reaction?

dreamcasthub Guy

Originally I was pretty dismissive of it if I’m honest, figured it was another shower of false hope. Another time to get psyched and then be bummed. It eventually started picking up steam and I started to believe in it. I was getting pretty excited. My wife and I finished Shenmue 2 together the first time I had ever played it.

I was completely oblivious to it’s release till long after I had an Xbox 360. Got it for XBOX, played through it with my wife every day when she got home. It was one of the single most greatest gaming experiences of my life. And then that cliff-hanger….. It was devastating. Then I’m watching probably the last E3 I’ll ever likely care about, and they announced it!

I literally sat there with my mouth wide open in disbelief. Could not believe this was really happening. Followed by pure joy! Such an awesome day. I can’t wait regardless of the investment I’ll have to wait until out on  PS4 unless it comes to PC.


Shenmue 3 definitely coming to PC I remember my first experience watching Shenmue which was on a FMV sequence on demo disc which was part of the Official Dreamcast Magazine at the time.

It’s hard to put into words but  the visuals that Shenmue had for it’s time just blow everything out of the water especially with that teaser trailer hyping the hell out of it with the slogan  “Is this a game” One those things you can only experience if you were there.

Back to E3 announcement like you it will  probably be only E3 game show I will ever actually care about unless they release “Star Wars: Rogue Leader 4” but I can dream.

We have been campaigning for years for this moment almost like time stopped when the leafs started falling unbelievable experience.

Especially after waiting for 15 years almost impossible task how fans delivered this new opus of a game and boy did they.

I have done all I can on my end with the website to show the effort from the fan’s and keeping everyone informed with updates and  what going on with the game and the many interviews. I will carry this on for as long as I can.

Thanks Stephen for this in depth interview it was joy really like you and I have such fond memories and experiences so interesting to share our points of view and where Sega could be heading and what they can do for there fans.

dreamcasthub Guy

Same here Bert, You really did something great for all of us and I’m sure we all appreciate everything you did. Your a great guy and much better with questions than I am. It really was interesting to talk with you as well.


Thanks that means allot! This was my first (Q & A) I have ever done with anyone, so hopefully people will love to read what we have talked about.

Saying that you have been a pillar in the Dreamcast community for while now too which why keen to do this interview in the first place.

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