Dreams Come True – New Rewards

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Hello Again Everyone!

Put your stamp on the game with these rewards! Yu Suzuki wanted to include both of these rewards, as they draw from the culture and traditions of the Far East in which the game takes place.


dreams do come true award


DREAMS COME TRUE – $1,400 Choose one of three wishes. Your name and birth date will be written on a traditional wishing plaque to be displayed at a temple in Bailu Village. Find your plaque and your wish will come true! This is Kickstarter only exclusive! Includes the $500 Reward.


Temple of the blooming flower


TEMPLE OF THE BLOOMING FLOWER – $1,200 Get a Chinese character of your choice (or specially selected for you) to represent yourself, drawn in ornate calligraphy. Find your character displayed at the Temple of the Blooming Flower and get a special Technique Scroll! + Get the physical, hand-drawn calligraphy of your character! Includes the SHENMUE PATRON Reward.


Please check the previous update with the second half of Kenji Miyawaki’s interview. You don’t want to miss it!!!


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