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Where should I start?

Well first thing I’d like to say is I don’t like to talk about myself, so writing this piece of text took me a little while.

I’ve never been a massive SEGA fan, honestly, I’ve all ways jumped in to the console that had the games I wanted to play (to be honest I was a little sony fan-boy, but between you and I, keep it as a secret)

By the time the Dreamcast was announced, I was about to get my first job… well in fact buying a Dreamcast was the reason I got my first job. And there is only one thing guilty of that and its called. Shenmue.

Since the first beta/promo videos, that game caught my attention, It looked like I was going to be able to live in a different place, for once in my life, and by the time no other game allowed you to, at least not with that kind of realism.

Then the game came out, and it far exceded my expectations, the settings, the characters, the music, I was so overhemeld that I almost got unconscious (no hyperbole here, I promise)

Well, long story short, I’ve been captivated by Shenmue and waiting for its sequel for over 14 years as many of you.

In the meantime I studied art/design, so summer last year I started toying/learning with 3D programs, since after all these years Shenmue III still wasn’t announced many of us wondered how a modern Shenmue would look like ( there is an awesome shenmuedojo thread called “Shenmue 1080”) So I started posting there my work, using my new skills/knowledge, obviuously the first pics were very flawed (they still are) by time went/passed, I learned new techniques and I still need to learn a lot to get better art done.

I still posting these pics, I see flaws in them everywhere, specially character poses, I am really bad at it.

But when I read the comments from other fans about my work, telling how awesome and or cool it is, those words encourage me to keep working and learning more every day. So thank you all for your words!!!

We, shenmue fans are the more passionate, and I am really proud of being part of this community. 

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