Fan: “Rudy Treadwell” meets Yu Suzuki

Fan: “Rudy Treadwell” meets Yu Suzuki


E3 is always an exciting event for the gaming community, but as many of you know, E3 2015 was especially exciting with a gameplay reveal of Last Guardian, the reveal of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and especially the Shenmue III Kickstarter announcement. For most of the Shenmue community, ranging from the casual to the diehard, the announcement was an emotional one, leaving you screaming, tearing or your jaw agape in utter shock.

For us at Retro Fix Video Games, we KNEW there would be a Shenmue announcement and with complete faith brought what Shenmue items we could to show our support; Rudy brought his copy of Shenmue as well as the Hazuki Tiger jacket (from Insert Coin Clothing) and Trung brining his own Hazuki Tiger jacket.


On the first day of E3, Trung and Savath came dressed as Ryo Hazuki and we all had hopes of running into Yu Suzuki (Savath donning Rudy’s jacket as it could not fit Rudy). We all spent time enjoying what E3 had to offer, though checking up on social media networks of any word of where Yu Suzuki might be. Upon checking Twitter in the afternoon, Trung saw that Yu Suzuki was on the PlayStation Live Chat and sent a text to everyone else while he searched for the actual Live Chat area and met up with Savath there, showing him the pictures he saw posted by PlayStation to more easily spot Suzuki-san from his attire.

Savath stayed in the area while Trung checked other avenues to which the Live Chat could be accessed, and coincidentally, Suzuki-san was seen by Savath leaving the VIP area, and sent another text out of the spotting.


On his way back to Sony’s restricted area, Savath tapped on Suzuki-san’s shoulder and asked for a picture. Initially, the person accompanying Suzuki-san refused it, responding “No pictures,” but Suzuki-san noticed the Hazuki Tiger jacket.

“Oh, you’re a supporter! Sure!” Savath then asked for Suzuki-san’s autograph on the jacket, ready with a silver sharpie, which Suzuki-san promptly did as well. Turning to continue back, Trung came from around the corner in response to the text.

“Suzuki-san!” Trung asked for a picture and Suzuki-san put his hand on Trung’s right shoulder and pulled to look on his back to spot another Hazuki jacket, then looked over at Savath and asked if we were friends. This time his assistant said to be quick as they needed to get back, and Savath tried to take a clean photo of Trung and Suzuki-san (which proved to be difficult due to the vast amount of people squeezing past Savath, ignorant of Suzuki-san’s presence).


Knowing Suzuki-san would still be in PlayStation Live area, we stayed back as Rudy arrived keeping a lookout and holding out his copy of Shenmue and a gold leaf marker. After waiting over an hour and a half, Rudy spotted Suzuki-san once again, 15 mins before E3 was over for the day, and we were all jumping in excitement. Rudy greeted him in Japanese and requested his autograph and picture. Trung asked for his autograph, but the several people walking him out informed us that he was in a rush to catch a flight.

We asked for just one autograph on the jacket (Rudy did so in Japanese), which Suzuki-san agreed to do, before taking off as we enthusiastically thanked him. The whole event left us feeling numb and in disbelief (almost like all the emotional feelings you could’ve had when Shenmue 3 Kickstarter was announced, but all at once)

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