First look at Ryo Hazuki Fighting Mechanics in Shenmue III

The latest screenshot from Shenmue III looks something special and gives you a real insight into how the game’s development is progressing.



It also looks like we can expect much more of an action packed game, than maybe some were perhaps expecting.



Indeed the particular image, looks possibly like some sort of battle royale, akin to the 70 man battle, so loved by the fanbase.



Another thing which is eye opening, is that it seems we’re looking at a new take on the FREE battle system. One which seems to suggest changing fighting styles during battle, something which the older generation game Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance worked pretty well with. Could we be looking at something similar in tone?



I think it would certainly add a new twist on the gameplay and as the team are probably hoping, could likely open up the game to a whole new audience.



As Yu Suzuki confirmed in an interview a while back, there will indeed be some sort of “encounter with Lan Di”.



It’s a very mouth watering prospect and on the evidence of this and other recent screenshots, it will certainly deliver.



Also, it’s pleasing after criticism towards the game from many quarters, regarding previous trailers and screenshots, that the production is looking on top form.



Hopefully this will shut up a few arm chair critics and encourage a new sense of optimism regarding the game.



The team at YS Net and Deep Silver have their work cut out, but they on the recent evidence presented, are going a long way to try and deliver the game everyone has been waiting for.



Criticise if you wish, but most importantly, support them.

Even the most sceptic person, cannot fail to be impressed if Shenmue III keeps progressing in the same vein.





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