Gamescom, Shenmue 3 Proto Reveal Trailer and Fans Expectations…

We all can say without a doubt Shenmue 3 “Environments and Locations” are living up to Shenmue Fans and Gamers expectations they are simply breath taking.

However on the flip-side; The character models are leaving many fans and gamers with mixed feelings.

There seems to be a clash between the older Shenmue fans and what modern or should I say millennials were expecting in quality at this stage and most are forgetting this just “Proto-Build” of the game and not the actual finished product.

It’s a shame I think could of been handled better saying that we have been anxious and forcing a reveal for a while.

Lets be honest it’s not all that surprising.

Shenmue 3 has been in development for more or less about 2 years now you would think at least two of the main Protagonist in the game they would have nailed what they look like down to perfection at this stage.

It doesn’t make it any easier knowing the environments and locations are graphically on another level in comparison to the character models.


What the fans are saying about the proto teaser build of the game, some negative feed back:

Some fans are saying the Shenmue III Proto-Reveal is looking more what Shenmue looked like on the “Sega Saturn test reel” it has this CGI look about it and the character models look lifeless and  lacking facial expressions.

All these reasons are valid especially after waiting anxiously for such a long time see how the game is looking in it’s current development state.

Ignoring these issues and putting them aside with my own input; “I can honestly say the game is on par with my expectations and what should be expected from Shenmue 3.”

The Graphics have this authentic look that makes you feel like it’s a true continuation from Shenmue II on the Dreamcast, it even has that Dreamcast Shenmue style and vibe about it.. Not to realistic and still feeling like a next-gen title.


Shenmue 3 made with “Unreal Engine 4” compared with Shenmue II on the Dreamcast comparison shot

Basically what Shenmue on the Dreamcast would look like if you could upgrade to modern standards for that I am impressed. Yu Suzuki development team are being faithful to the game and their fans for that matter.


A closer look at the Character Models


Not sure if it’s just me I have seen two character models used during the GamesCom Press-Reveal. The one used in the trailer and one published by Deep Silver. I could be wrong on this it but to me they look like two completely different takes on what Ryo Hazuki will look like in Shenmue III.


How Ryo Hazuki Looks in the  Proto Reveal Trailer


 How Ryo Hazuki Looks in “Deep Silver” Press Release


One feels more like it’s been ripped from Shenmue Passport disc or maybe taken out of Sonic & Sega All Stars Transformed game,  where as the other Ryo Hazuki character model has a modern take on Ryo Hazuki now feeling more like 18 year old should, if he was designed by modern standards.

I think its going to be a gamble at this stage what kind of character model we will actually end-up with in the final release of Shenmue III, he’s gone through so many iteration and allot of fans have their own preference what he should look like.


Check out  the many Faces of Ryo Hazuki


Shenhua on the other hand is looking like a completely different character all together when you compare her to what she looked like in Shenmue I & II series on the Dreamcast, certainly has a new fresh modern J-POP look about her, wondering if this was intentional or not some people are saying she looks too generic and lacking character.

Modern Shenhua , if I am honest could get used it.


 Shenhua and PAZ Character Model Comparison

It’s slightly worrying when you see the current character build of Shenhua can almost rival PAZ in quality it’s funny because she is character made for the PSP.

Don’t get me wrong I love “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker” it’ one greatest technical achievements that really pushed the PSP also one of the greatest games I have ever played but when you compare the character models together it says allot and how far they need to improve Shenhua.


What Shenhua looked like back on Dreamcast on the Shenmue Passport Disk



What I think should of been shown at GamesCom.

It would of been nice to of seen some actual game play of Shenmue 3. I expect we will be seeing more KickStarter updates in the future with how the game is progressing, I think most fans can rest-assured that all that KickStarter money that so many fans donated is money well spent.


What could of been done better what we should take into consideration.

At first I did have some gripes over the character models… You know I think after all this time I could get used to the new look they are not as bad as they could be, if this best they can offer for the time being then I am fine with it.

They still have until the end of the second half of 2018 to make improvements plenty of time for adjustments.

However I think everyone has to remember that when Shenmue 1 & 2 came out back in it’s day basically the first AAA title to come out which was unprecedented and broke records for the most expensive game ever made.

The thing is after 17 long years Shenmue 3 would never get the same level of treatment as it should which is why it has taken a KickStarter campaign to get the funding it needed.

The money it’s gained is minuscule compared to modern AAA titles. We have to take this into consideration when it comes to Shenmue 3 current development.

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