Gaming when Sega was a hardware competitor compared to today

Gaming when Sega was a hardware competitor compared to today

Gaming has changed a lot especially in the lead up to 2000 when compared with today 2014. I still vividly remember the days of the Sega Saturn and the Playstation when they first came out. They were the ants pants and were considered very close to reality.

Gaming stores, especially here in Australia were huge, there was an abundance of stock, customers and a huge vibrant choice of games to choose from.

It was the year 1995, I was just 10 years old. I remember going to a shop called “Video Games Heaven” , it really was what the name represented.

I went in with Mum and purchased a Sega Saturn with Virtua fighter. The console even came with a Christmas Nights demo disk. It was an awesome and magical experience which till this very moment I would love to relive again.

I initially went there planning to buy the Playstation but the salesman advised me that the Saturn was a better console and I’d enjoy it more. Unbeknown to myself, I listened to him and bought the Saturn.

At the time I had no idea the Saturn was going to be killed off by Sega.

I still remember the big library of games on offer at the time, games such as: Daytona U.S.A, Virtua Fighter, Clockwork Night, Panzer Dragoon, Virtual Hydlide, Saturn Bomberman, Virtua Cop, Sega Rally, Night Into Dreams, Virtua Fighter 2, Burning Rangers and The House Of The Dead.

These games were amazing.


Sega’s Dreamcast was the last truly decent console with amazing games.


I still have my Dreamcast, it’s a beautiful machine which has provided me with many years of fun and fulfilment. The bulk of the games I own and have played, I have played through them several times and will continue to do so.

My favourite game of course is “Shenmue” being part 1 & 2.

I’m not going to whine about how much I want the story concluded but I must stress that HD ports must come to fruition on a modern day console.

I don’t care which console, just make it happen. Several DC games have had digital releases and it just doesn’t make any sense as to why Shenmue wasn’t one of the first. That’s all I’m saying on that topic for now as the battle continues.

Sega pulled the plug on the Dreamcast in 2001. That was a very very sad day.

Looking at games such as Illbleed, Shenmue 1&2, The House Of The Dead 2, Zombie Revenge, Confidential Mission, Virtua Tennis, MSR, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Power Stone, Headhunter, JSR, Crazy Taxi, Sword Of The Berserk, PSO, Soul Caliber, Mk Gold and more.

Just amazing games with graphics that still hold up well enough today to be thoroughly enjoyed.

So how do these games stack up against games of today?

Well in my opinion, pretty damn well. Games of today are all about guns and ammo, racing simulators and sports games. Whilst I’m a pretty big gamer today, I enjoy these genres but they just fail to satisfy my hunger for an unforgettable experience.

The industry really changed after Sega left the hardware business. Games are now taken too seriously. Games used to have a special feel that I cant explain.

I used to be able to walk into a games shop and be like “Wow”, that wow factor is now gone.

The feeling of appreciation for great games is long gone. I can only appreciate the great Sega era in which Sega have now turned to shit.

It might be time for Sega and Nintendo to go on a joint hardware adventure and bring out something new. Or at least, re-release all the great classics digitally on newer consoles to allow people like myself to enjoy some of the greats of gaming once again.

I’m feeling lost, annoyed and angry at Sega. I think I speak for many on this one. Were totally ignored, Sega have lost it’s way.

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