A Shenmue Fan in waiting…


Article Dated: 05/20/2014


Shenmue 3 most anticipated game of all time.

14 long years we have waited for Sega to conclude the Shenmue Saga 14 years I have searched the internet looking for rumors of any sign of Shenmue 3 is in the works.

Only in the last 2 years I have really fought for Shenmue with the most dedicated campaign on the internet Shenmue500K but we are not alone in the fight to ‪#SaveShenmue‬, shenmuedojo, shenmuemaster and the many fans on twitter who take part each month.


How much longer must we wait, how much longer can we go on?

It has been amazing 2 years being part of the campaign and taking part as best as I can and proud all the effort’s that has gone into winning polls. It really is amazing experience being part of Shenmue500K Campaign and having fun entertaining moment’s to expand the Shenmue experience and to share our thoughts, theories and and art, video’s and vines. All in the name of one thing to save a game.


I ask myself are we really just saving game or are we really fighting for something more?

Shenmue captured our hearts in so many ways, we marveled at the amazing graphics for its time, we listened to the deep and spell binding music we looked on at the world that Ryo Hazuki lived and breathed in.


What did we find?

A game that had real life a game that can reach out and grab you a game that that was trying to reflect reality and the human soul a game that will teach you do what is right and how to treat one another with respect and kindness how to stand up to one’s convictions.


To new and old fans and die hard veterans

I know it feels like the day Shenmue 3 will never be announced, but consider this Shenmue has dominated polls the cries of so many fans are out there Yu Suzuki is looking for funding and investors, fans are still contributing and more shenmue fans are rallying to get there voices heard.

Sooner or later Sega will have to answer the Shenmue situation and give fans a reasons as to why Shenmue III will not start development.


Sega &  Yu Suzuki promised at the end of Shenmue II credits:

“Story goes on…”

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