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 Those that are not aware ‘ShenmueDojo YouTube Channel’ has now been re-branded and now will be going under ‘Shenmue Fans’ due to a difference in opinion over Gamecom 2017 Shenmue III un-edited trailer that was shown at Crazy Time Conference at Magic Monaco 2018 Anime & Game Conference which was leaked via people recording it in the audience.



There was disclaimer asking the audience not to record the video but depending on your own point of view this could be seen voluntary act: Seeing the event was public event in itself. So there for I have no issue with what has been leaked of the footage or how that was handled via 3rd party sources mainly how it was distributed via social media on YouTube.


It's no surprising this was ignored by the time someone started recording got they're phone- out they would of missed this message. No wonder it was leaked no one said before- hand you should not to record. Also it's ironic they would do this because the first and second row of seats and who was watching this was full of Shenmue fans who were wearing red arm-press bands, asked not report on main event!

It’s no surprising this was ignored by the time someone started recording got they’re phone- out they would of missed this message.


It is without question many fans who could not attend the event were curious over what would be revealed at Magic Monaco 2018 – Due to the handling of the teaser namely with the disclaimer has caused major rift in the community over how that video should be handled if it should be shared with the public.



I personally see no problem with un-edited version of the teaser trailer and what was leaked. We can now see how Shenmue III is shaping-up and the elements added and what we can expect, it is without question Shenmue III is feeling like the game we have played on Dreamcast certainly having elements we are familiar seeing in Shenmue.



It’s a no brainer and obvious that fans are aware that Shenmue III is still in development and subject to many changes over the course of the year.

We get it…!!!


The partners and the many stake holders should count themselves lucky having understanding fan base, we know from commercial perspective and mass-media wise this might not seem such a great idea: in that respect the trailer should not of been allowed to of been shown at a public event!


Like it or lump it fans are also the 4th stake holder… They have every right to see how Shenmue III is developing what has been worked on, especially KS Backers also not forgetting the many Pay Pal Donations via ‘Slacker-Backer campaign‘ as of now they have zero updates.


What they should do is create a mailing-list for all those donated via Slacker-Backer Campaign notify them via E-News Letter it’s what I would do at least.


Situations like this was bound to occur it’s very naive to think many Shenmue fans to attend international event and not share on they’re experience at Magic Monaco 2018 during crazy time press conference.



I have even done article that if the game is not up to scratch not ready for 2018 release the fans would be more than fine waiting until ‘YsNet’ team have got the game in it’s final completion state and ready for presentation. However Shenmue fans want is more…


Transparency and honesty and better handling, care and awareness..



Coming from me personally: I have shared snippets from un-edited version on social media. So far many fans are happy seeing what has been revealed some are saying they are finally got Shenmue III fix they been dying to see.



I have gone out my way to edit what was revealed put unedited Gamecom 2017 teaser trailer and put the situation in better light. So far it’s paying off nicely with the four GIF Animations I have created.



Please check the 4 animated gifs tell me really if there is problem should not have been shown to the public? – Coming from me I see no issue or problem the clips are worthy enough to be shared.







However this is slightly different to the context and how it was revealed at Magic Monaco 2018 event – still if was not for leak fans would not see how awesome Shenmue III is shaping up.



The reason why I am writing up this article: I feel long time member at ShenmueDojo and Super Fan Zimming has been un-fairly ‘Black Listed’ because of this situation because others see things differently and a knee-jerk response by banning him from ShenmueDojo which Zimming has been major influence and co-founder for many years.



Only to be forced out over-petty video because of that I am removing all links will not be helping promote ShenmueDojo replacing them with Zimming Shenmue ‘Fan YouTube Channel’ We do not support ‘alienating fans’ especially when they have gone above the fold over many years in believing one day Shenmue III might happen being major player behind the scenes.


To be stabbed in the back over something was never a big deal in the first place… Most comments have seen have been ‘positive’ and criticism unavoidable but that is how the internet works to put blame and then black-list someone over teaser trailer is beyond me…


I have much respect for Zimming and his contributions I wish him all in the best in his new-rebranding with his channel on YouTube.


Shenmue Fans


Shenmue fans Zimming

I am more than happy to promote what he’s contributed over the years I would hate for his own efforts to be down played or ignored.


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