Insertcoin competition

Insertcoin Competition 

Rosalie is representing Shenmue as FemRyo wearing the Shenmue hoodie in the contest and that she’ll need as many likes as possible in order to reach 1st place by March 20 at 9pm (UK Time). She is currently in 3rd place. Though Rosalie will win a years worth of IC merchandise if she reaches 1st place, her representation of Shenmue will stand out with the position, which can reach newcomers to the series and can help with the Shenmue 1/2 HD campaign.


This one you really want to (Click On ;)!!!)

Currently in 1st place is this person who is representing Resident Evil.

As of now he is near 600 likes.

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The person in 2nd place is representing Wipeout.

As of now this person has over 440 likes.

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Due to the competitive nature of this contest, one of the other 7 finalists may skyrocket to the top 3 so things may change.

It’s pretty important to emphasize that Shenmue fans need to support other Shenmue fans in the name of Shenmue. Teamwork and persistance is what helped us bring Shenmue 3. Rosalie is a supportive Shenmue fan and has helped fund Shenmue 3.

Spread the word everyday until it’s over. The 1st and 2nd place rankers are in their positions because they have asked for help from friends and other cosplay FB pages.

The Shenmue community can do the same if they work to help make a fellow fan win and make her happy. That’s doing what’s right.

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