Interview with Yu Suzuki conducted at MAGIC Monaco

French website Journal du Japon has published an interview with Yu Suzuki conducted at MAGIC Monaco late last month, discussing various aspects of Shenmue III.

The original article can be read here:…/interview-yu-suzuki-et-la-saga-shenmue/

While a fan translation into English can be read here:…

Amongst other topics, Suzuki spoke about introducing new ideas to the sequel, his admiration for Pixar animation, and the challenge of developing the game while also managing the company and its staff.

Stay tuned for more interviews emerging from MAGIC over the coming weeks, including one that was announced by our friends at French fan site Shenmue Master. Promoted by key Shenmue III partners Shibuya Productions, the free event that launched the latest teaser footage of the game is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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