Interview with Yu Suzuki, Producer of the “Shenmue” Series

Interview with Yu Suzuki

Producer of the “Shenmue” Series

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After announcing the production of Shenmue 3 at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the biggest gaming event in the world held in Los Angeles in June, producer Yu Suzuki has succeeded in raising funds for the project through Kickstarter. As production is finally starting in earnest, we asked Suzuki about Shenmue 3 and his present state of mind.


Yu Suzuki’s Profile
Japanese game creator and game producer. His representative works include the arcade games Hang-On and the Virtua Fighter series. He first became involved in the making of home console games for the Sega Dreamcast. He released Shenmue in 1999 and Shenmue 2 in 2001, and even though it instantly rose to fame, the series remained unfinished. Breaking 14 years of silence, he announced the production of Shenmue 3 at E3 in June 2015. He used the crowdfunding service Kickstarter for fundraising and succeeded in doing so.


“At E3, they were cheering as if a deceased child just came back to life”


Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM): It was a huge surprise when you broke 14 years of silence with the announcement on Shenmue 3 at E3. The mass of fans went wild with joy upon hearing the news.How did you feel about that situation?


Yu Suzuki (S): Before the announcement of Shenmue 3, I could hear the earth-shattering cheers when they announced big titles such as The Last Guardian and the remake version of Final Fantasy VII, so I was a bit worried if Shenmue would fit here. However, when the cheers for Shenmue rose, there was a noticeable difference in their pitch. Even my ears could hear the shrillness of those cheers.

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