Latest Shenmue III discoveries

Developments emerging from excerpts from the upcoming issue of April’s Edge magazine, show that Shenmue III will remain uniquely Shenmue and won’t bow to the new conventions and populous gimmicks.




Perhaps the most telling of all, regarding Shenmue III’s development, is this screen-grab here, posted by Jonathan Dogey on our Facebook group:


Yu Suzuki himself insists that Shenmue III will retain all the specific qualities that make it exceptionally unique from all other open world games.


Unafraid to ignore convention, Suzuki still continues to show the mentality and fire of an artist.


Truth is, if Shenmue III is to be a success, as Suzuki know too well, it’ll need to not only attract new gamers, but to retain the undying support of its hardcore fanbase. Signs are that both will be very much the case.


Bar a few issues here and there, things now look to be well on board, as Shenmue III powers on towards its August 27th 2019 release date.


Roll on August, Roll it on top!


(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo



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