Let’s have a little Shenhua discussion by (Norris W Girdy)

Let’s have a little Shenhua discussion.

There’s a constant debate on what’s the extent of her abilities. So let’s go down the list of what we know of so far:

1) Levitation (of dandelions so far)
2) Link the memories of her ancestors
3) Summon or turn into a FREAKING phoenix
4) Chi (or wind) explosions
5) A mysterious affinity for nature

Also, in the picture above you see 3 girls from the 3 clans in Shenmue Online. The one on the far right is the “Mysterious Warlock” clan, which Shenhua is the leader of. As you can see she’s balancing on a twig and tamed a bird. Not much of an “ability”? There’s also a young boy in that clan who is seen wielding fire. And in one description of the clan, they can supposedly use qigong. Not to the same extent as the Martial Artists clan, but instead they seem to use it to manipulate the elements/nature. What are your thoughts on Shenhua’s abilities and how far they can go?

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