Masaya Matsukaze Confirmed & Monaco Meeting Upgrade

Greeting Shenmue Allied Forces!  

We have been getting a lot of questions asking if Masaya Matsukaze will be the Japanese voice of Ryo for Shenmue 3. Yes, it is official, Mr. Matsukaze will be reprising his role as the voice of Ryo!


Mr Matsukaze

Yu-san said Masaya-san and Corey-san were the best fit for the respective Japanese/English voice of Ryo, and couldn’t imagine any different. Big cheers to that!


Monaco Dinner Reward Gets a Special Upgrade

Yu-san has upped the ante for the Monaco Dinner Reward. The location will now be slightly moved to the nearby town of Eze, famous for its history and old world beauty. There, you will actually work with Yu-san to plan a part of Shenmue 3. After the planning session, enjoy a dinner party with Yu-san among this picturesque world of times past.


monaco Work on Shenmue 3


Work on Shenmue 3? Here? With Yu Suzuki? Yes, that’s right.

Stairs in eze


Stair in Eze”


“Azure Sky of the Alleyway” by Yu Suzuki


Spend some time with Yu-san in one of his favorite places.



Bring a friend to participate in a Shenmue 3 project meeting with Yu-san in the medieval and marvelously scenic town of Eze, followed by a dinner party. (Date will be tentatively set for the end of February, 2016). + Be named as a Special Sponsor in the credits. Includes the RYO’S JACKET – REPLICA Reward. Transportation and lodging not included.

Next Stretch Goal 

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