Meeting expectations and the problems Shenmue III faces

In light of the new updates and the first gameplay trailer regarding Shenmue III, you may have noticed a few disgruntled voices among the Kickstarter page and Youtube channels.



Now here to put it bluntly is the point, Shenmue III is a AAA game, without a AAA budget.

Please be mindful of this fact, before laying into the developers and the fans.



While in discussion over a fan who was signalling Yakuza and wanting similar for the third game.

Shenmue III is only here because of the fans and a series of fortunate events, like the increasing influence of Kickstarter for example.



Bringing the Shenmue HD ports into the mix. SEGA cares very little about the Shenmue series and is using the current appetite as any business would do, to promote fan interactions and its own standing.



SEGA kindly allowed the license to be used for the third game and they should be commended for that. But at the same time, we shouldn’t just blindly support every decision. The ports in my opinion, were luke-warmly received and encountered many issues. Needing no less than SEVEN patches, if I’m correct.



And it has been said, that more work is needed, but SEGA have decided to no longer support the game.

Very convenient, very disappointing.




SEGA could’ve allowed Shenmue III to never been made, should they’ve sat on the license further. But the cold hard truth in the light of day is, the fans had to fund this game because SEGA couldn’t either take the risk, or be bothered with the series. So While we should be thankful, at the same time, we shouldn’t be bending over backwards either.




The intentions with SEGA’s involvement was initially good, as you can see from the leaked attempts at remaking the series.

The initial intent was good, but at least in my opinion, they rushed out a below par SEGA product to try and appease certain fans.



They should’ve waited longer before doing such. It could possibly be stated, that the decision to do so, was influenced by the impending Shenmue III release and pressured more so because of this. Of course Shenmue III being due last year in 2018.




Had SEGA waited longer, the ports could’ve very well been a universal success, rather than patchy at best.



So to bring it back, it further emphasises how great a job the Shenmue III team is doing , when they’ve had to in effect, go it alone.



And I suppose it brings in to question, why were SEGA so willing to recreate the original games, but not even properly consider supporting Suzuki in making the third game?



The job being done by the team is remarkable, especially when you bring into it the fact, that the game is being made with less than a quarter of the budget of the originals.


However, with the expertise of the PlayStation marketing machine, it is not completely out of the question for the third installment to be made the most successful of them all, providing it has ALL of the fans support.



All I’d ask is for certain fans to get behind the game and if you’re not impressed, then reserve final judgement until you’ve played the game.



We all have a right to our own opinions, but negativity is extremely infectious in the same way positivity can also be.

And to encourage more people to try the series, we need to try and be as positive as we can be without being disingenuous.



The greatest compliment we can give YS Net and the Shenmue III team, is that the game looks in terms of continuity, spot on.

And continuity is the key.


How it relates to the original games, not how the original games related to their respective counterparts at the time.

While Shenmue may’ve been the most expensive game of ALLLL TIMEE.. *cut’s Taylor Swift short there…  It has been overtaken, in terms of finances and people willing to back these games.



We all need to be mindful of the fact that Shenmue III will closely follow previous games and will no doubt be one, but in no way financially will it mirror them.



Valid questions would be, what will happen with Shenmue IIII?



Will Shenmue IIII be funded by another party, a SEGA or a SONY, or will it be passed back to the fans to fund it again?

And do any further releases depend solely on the success of Shenmue III alone?



The greatest achievement we can clearly see so far, is that all the original vibes have seemingly been retained.

Thus Shenmue III will feel like a Shenmue game. And isn’t that what we all wanted in the first place?



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