Mini Shenmue RPG for Sega Saturn is a tribute by Titan Game Studios


Article by Luiz Nai

Mini Shenmue RPG for Sega Saturn is a tribute by Titan Game Studios and Poking Life Studio to celebrate the friendship and the journey to make Shenmue 3 a reality. We are just one year from the Shenmue 3 launch and we thought nothing would be better than celebrate it using the console where the project started in the 90’s.

Thank you for everyone who sent your picture!

This is a gift from the Brazilian Shenmue community to the world!


(To Download and Play the game please Download these files)

It was tested on the Sega Saturn with Swap Trick and mod chip

for pseudo Saturn people need to use Pseudo Saturn Patcher

and if they want to test in the emulator to use SSF

In game text:

When everyone said we wouldn’t make it We proved them wrong by allowing them to die like a warrior We spent years longing for the 3rd instalment and we’ve been let down over and over, but we didn’t settle down , we kept asking about a man named Lan Di.

In the darkest moments we were able to survive as we kept our friends close to us, those we  love.

How many Ren , Nozomi, Kurita san, Tom, Joy, Wong ,Ren friends like we made at this passionate community ? Some of us even travelled abroad to seek revenge but in the end what we found there was everlasting friendship who guided us to a brighter path and joined us in our journey.

The accolades we worked on throughout the campaign were intense and showed not only to the world but also to ourselves how strong we are when we work side by side.

We may not be the biggest community out there, but one thing we should know for sure, no other community is so passionate and united like this one. At E3 2014 when Shenmue was not announced the way we expected it to … we screamed at the top of our lungs : noooooooooooooo

 But when It was revealed at the following year we could barely stand still and the tears shed that time were tears of JOY. A memory that will be stuck in our minds forever : Kickstarter logo, Adam Boye’s on stage, totally anxious as he is about to announce what millions have been waiting for.“Very Very Very Vocal about”

The 1st Leaf falls and a flashback passes in our minds as tears start running  and keep running until Yu Suzuki gets on stage for the countdown and we do it along with him.

If you close your eyes right now , you’ll be able to experience it again as the music play along.

You should do that more often during rough times , to remember that every dream can come true if you keep on fighting. That life is worth living, that you can make it if you never give up.

We took 15 years, and I’m sure we wouldn’t settle down until we have it announced.

One year from now we’ll finally have our revenge and thus the Saga continues.

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