Manabu Takimoto – Environment Designer


Shenmue Salutations!

When Shenmue first came out, it was more real, more life-like than any game to have come before it. One of the people responsible for that feat was architect Manabu Takimoto. As the game environment designer for the Shenmue series, his real life experience as an architect helped create an immersive world that set the standard for realism in gaming.

Today, Manabu Takimoto talks about talks about his role(s) in Shenmue, and what we can expect from him this time around. Let’s give him a big welcome!



English – Translation


Japanese – Translation


Takimoto-san will be back for Shenmue 3. Working on the game, that is. Not in it. (Many belayed condolences for your cat by the way).



Manabu Takimoto as Himself

Choubou Docks

Choubu Docks


Choubu inn first-floor


choubu inn room

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