Never Played Shenmue?

So, you’ve never owned a Dreamcast, didn’t play Shenmue II on the original XBOX? If this resonates with you and you are curious about all the fuss surrounding Shenmue, then listen to some fans chat to Robert, the Shenmueless Player.



Shenmue has a very edgy past behind it. Originally made for the SEGA Saturn, Shenmue’s code name was Project Berkley. With the demise of the Saturn, the game was moved to the Dreamcast but SEGA’s big ugly head was to return with the Playstation 2 out performing in sales next to the Dreamcast. Shenmue was at a loss now that the Dreamcast was dead. However, Shenmue II with a movie of part one did make it across to the original XBOX. This is just a basic history of how the game became to be.


Shenmue has had a very tough history with all this disappointment for fans and the creator himself. A lot of gamers have not played the first two games and don’t get what all the fuss is about regarding to part threes KickStarter success. One of these gamers is Robert and he had a question to ask at Shenmue 500K.



The fans responded in kind –



Hats off to Phil with his comment



I think we can all have a similar feeling for the game like John below


At this stage, Robert curiosity was satisfied




I would Love to hear more on this topic from you guys.

How would you explain Shenmue to the Shenmueless?





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