New Ryo and Shenhua image emerges, plus more stunning scenery. (February 7th 2019)


Notably, as also pointed out by Push Square, Shenmue III is indeed now starting to resemble Shenmue III.


The graphics retain the same retro nostalgic vibes of previous games and now have a fresh modern twist.


The Ryo Hazuki model has come on leaps and bounds and at least in our opinion, now looks the business.


The other screenshot showcases the sheer level of attention to detail that Shenmue III will contain.



Indeed a hallmark of the series and as such right away, the environments even with the early screenshots, already looked about right.


Both highlight the vast improvements that have been made by the team in more recent months.



(ಠ▂ಠ,) DeathWishRyo




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