New Shenmue 3 Production Screenshots



The Creative Team Behind The Return Of The Shenmue Video Game Franchise


Today we have two great links to share that not only Shenmue fans but all fact-friendly gamers will benefit from checking out.

First of all we’re very impressed with this article by Red Bull Games, featuring brand new prototype screenshots along with comments from Yu Suzuki about Shenmue III (and IV), with even a bonus cameo from NoconKid:


And if you have eight minutes and ten seconds to spare, we also recommend this engaging video with YouTuber Adam Koralik, Shane Luis (a/k/a Rerez), and Shenmue documentary producer Adam Sipione, addressing some of the inaccurate reporting that recently surrounded the new game’s PayPal Slacker Backer campaign:


With a new teaser planned for the MAGIC Monaco convention later this month, the positive coverage for Shenmue III ought to continue, inviting new fans to discover the series that has driven so many so crazy for so long. Welcome to the nut house – stay a while! Stay forever…

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