Cédric Biscay and Magic Monaco Press Conference Paris.

What a turn around for today if you was disappointed or expecting something more from the Sega announcement at least we have made up for it with these beautiful and aww-inspiring screenshots of Shenmue III locations and new possibly finalised versions of the main protagonists ‘Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua’ character models.


Honestly I am really happy with the progress Yu Suzuki has made with the latest models of Shenhua and Ryo Hazuki – They are certainly stone throw away what had been shown at Gamecom 2017 gaming event with the stiff and almost doll like character models and lacking facial expressions showcased via the teaser reveal trailer. Which raised many concerns over progress of Shenmue III it’s current development state.


Shenmue 3 Official Wall Paper

One thing I love about Shenmue Locations is that amount of detail and the immersion – can’t wait to see these locations populated with Non-Role-Playing-Characters going about they’re daily lives.


The screenshots we have been shown via the Magic Press conference is reassuring and puts our hopes and many Shenmue fans ‘anxieties and worries’ aside and confidence back in Shenmue 3 development and the direction Yu Suzuki is taking with the game.


Shenmue 3 Harbor Port

This scene is so nostalgic almost mirroring the shanty boats in Shenmue II – but with upgraded graphics and richer detail via the Unreal Engine 4.0 – OUTSTANDING!!!

The Magic Monaco event coming up on the 24th February which I will be attending we might actually get to see these locations we have been shown populated with ‘non role playing characters’ finally get to see these locations brought to life.

Yu Suzuki San Magic

The Magic event will be held in Monaco on the 24th February

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