New Shenmue III Wallpapers (1400×648)

New Shenmue III Wallpapers

While viewing and reading up on all the comments associated with the new footage for Shenmue III, I noticed people were complaining that there was no wallpapers with update #52. It seems that some people are just never satisfied. The footage takes new fans on a tour of one of the last places in Shenmue II, Shenhua’s family home.

For old fans, seeing footage of a 14 year old game revamped brings tears and standing hairs.

There is also footage of a lake where Ryo will fish and sell his spoils to gain money and progress through the game.

This new footage shows how dedicated the production team is in delivering a game for new fans and some of us old skool weirdos……:

Below are two wallpapers for fans to enjoy. (1400×648) 

shenhua houseShenmue Tree Wallpaper

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