New Trailer for Shenmue 3 & NPC Reward Added

 Greetings Shenmue Family!

We have come to the final three days of the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter! Your support and encouragement alone have already made this project a huge success. Thank you!!!

But we are not finished yet! It is our pleasure to announce the new scene from Shenmue 3! It is still a work in progress, but Yu Suzuki has sent it with loving care and hopes it will be all that the fans of the series have come to love, and will show those new to the game some of the wonder and magic they can expect from the continually unfolding world of Shenmue. Please enjoy!



Ryo and Shenhua arrive at the Lake of the Lantern Bugs after their long journey. Entranced, they watch the gentle flight of the lantern bugs upon the mirage-like oasis.


More NPC Last Minute Rewards!!!

Still want to be in the game as an NPC? Don’t miss out on this one! You don’t get to fight Ryo, but you can definitely make his acquaintance!


be none combat npc


CHOUBU TRAVELLER / BE A NON-COMBAT NPC – $6,000 Appear as an NPC staying at a Choubu inn. No big battle scene with Ryo, but this is your chance to cameo in the world of Shenmue! Limit 4. RYO VOICE MESSAGE BY COREY MARSHALL Reward included.

These final hours are the most important, so please keep sharing and telling those sailors and random people you meet, that the game of decade, nay, the Holocene Era, is upon us! And for the betterment of all mankind, you should give it your support!

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