Cédric Biscay Interview at MAGIC 2017 | [Mar 9, 2017]

Co-producer of Shenmue III, Cédric Biscay, was recently interviewed by Japanese magazine Famitsu at the MAGIC 2017 event.

The interview covers Cédric’s background and reasons for starting his company Shibuya Productions, and he talks about some of the guests and goals of the MAGIC event.

And of particular interest for Shenmue fans, at the end of the interview Cédric is asked about Shenmue III and he replies positively regarding the current development progress.

I have translated the article from the original Japanese: Read the full interview at the Phantom River Stone Blog)


Why Hold a Game & Anime Event in Monaco? We Ask CEO of Shibuya Productions, Cédric Biscay at MAGIC 2017.

MAGIC, an entertainment event focused on anime and games, was held on February 18, 2017 (local time) at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum,

MAGIC is a relatively young event that began in 2015. It is organized by Shibuya Productions, a company with its headquarters in Monaco that deals with game and anime projects, and has guests invited from around the world including manga artists and game creators, as well as lectures and signing events. Taking part in this year’s event was Japan’s Tetsuya Nomura from Square Enix, who mingled with the fans.

Read the full interview at the Phantom River Stone Blog

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