Poll Results & Fishing Poles


Poll results from your favorite character and mini-game are in, with an outstanding 14,751 people replying! Some questions were not answered by all of the respondents, but it is pretty easy to see where loyalties lay!



The winner for favorite character, by an overwhelming margin is, of course, our main man Ryo! Ren and Nozomi came in a respectable second and third. Sorry guys, better luck next time! That means Ryo will get an extra special scene (or something, depending on Mr. Suzuki!) to give him that little bit of extra attention.

And the winner for the most popular mini-game is the Lucky Hit!



QTE Battle and Duck Racing stayed in there, but Lucky Hit took it away big in the end. If you are Lucky Hit fan, The “Be a Technique Scroll Lucky Hit Game Board” could be the reward for you! After Mr. Suzuki saw how popular it the Lucky Hit was, he wanted to make sure it would be the first one you could win the special prizes from. Get rewarded more for straying off the path!


All New for Shenmue 3

What will Ryo be taking up in Shenmue 3? We think this next reward will give just the smallest of hints:


Batin Tackle

500K Translator

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