Interview with Shenmue Environment Designer



Hello Everyone,

Before getting into the main part of the update, we would like to respond to two issues brought up by the community — the Shenmue III logo and voice audio options.

First for the Shenmue III logo. There have been many comments from Shenmue fans wanting the logo to match the original logos from Shenmue 1 & 2. We have heard your calls and will of course put it on the to-do list. This particular issue will take some time, however, as game development is currently taking a front seat to other design issues. Designers and other parties will also need to be consulted with, so before we can give a more definite answer, we would ask you please give us some time.

The second issue receiving a lot of attention concerns the voice audio options. Many people have asked for there to be an option to switch between Japanese and English voicing. We understand how strongly people feel about this feature, and it is something we would like to include as well, but the inclusion of a dual audio option will ultimately come down to budgetary limitations. Whether it will be added or not, will need to be decided as development progresses.

Thank you very much everyone for your input! Please keep contacting us here at Kickstarter with your ideas, comments and suggestions!

And now on to our inside look for April…

Manabu Takimoto, Environment Architecture Designer for the Shenmue series and resident in-world character, is now fleshing out all the different set pieces that will become the backdrop for Shenmue III. If you missed his profile update during the campaign, the link is HERE, or catch his interview video below:


Let’s drop by the office to see what he is up to!

Manabu Takimoto

 Manabu Takimoto at the drawing board.


Yu Suzuki Environment Designer

 In a meeting session with Yu, Manabu puts form to the ideas on the spot.


Manabu Takimoto. Drawing

The coloring process. Here the soil of Guilin gets tilled, giving the land that “lived-in” feeling.


Manabu Takimoto Office More Drawings

In a matter of hours, a page in the world of Shenmue takes form on the desktop.


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