Signed Rewards by Yu Suzuki

Halloween Greetings

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With Halloween upon us, it is time to get into the spirit, so…

Happy Halloween Special

Witch Shenhua and Pumpkin Patch Chai

And yes, that is a Kenji Miyawaki original!

But one person who will not be going out to do trick-or-treat this year is this man.

Yu Suzuki SigningYu-san has been hard at work to bring us the biggest treat of all, and now he has begun the momentous undertaking that is the signed rewards! Everyday Yu-san has been putting his signature to the Kenji Miyawaki illustrations, and thanks to your gracious and sincerely appreciated support, the number of illustrations to be signed is reaching the 5,000 mark!

Maybe next year Yu-san will be able to go trick-or-treating in his Ryo costume…

From all of us of us here, Happy Halloween!

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