R Wuying Shenmue Fan Art Work and Short interview


Thank you for allowing me to post the many fan art work you have created @r_wuying  it’s truly inspiring.

Here is the short interview behind the guy and his amazing art work enjoy


How long have you been a Shenmue fan, what made you start getting in to doing Shenmue fan Art?

I started to play Shenmue a while before Shenmue was 2 released, I am a fan from that time.

At that time, I was recruiting fan art at the planning of the official site of Shenmue in Japan, which is the opportunity I applied for there.


What is the drive behind you’re art style?

I feel attractive to the feeling of life as if it exists there. Enjoy life that is not real… How do I say. Haha… Sometimes, Ryo-san who forgets his father and starts playing games and collects toy capsules, is very funny and it is also attractive.


What appeals to you the most about Shenmue is there something that holds a special place for you personally about Shenmue Saga?

The place I like in Shenmue is to devote myself to a mini-game and people talking with people away from the story. In (Chapter 1 Yokosuka) I was playing darts like everyday.


What was you’re reaction when Shenmue 3 was announced?

At that time I was thinking about dinner. Too much surprised! I could not eat dinner that night, and I lost a lot of my weight. LOL


What are you most looking forward to in Shenmue 3?

Landscape beauty, people’s living, unique characters, capsule toys, forklifts…There are a variety of things, the most interesting thing is the story’s whereabouts.




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