Rumor Before Christmas Connection Between Zach Morris & Zero-Edge Console Board.

Rumor before Christmas connection between Zach Morris and (Zero-Edge) or maybe known as (Ring-Edge) or (Ring-Wide) console board.

Probably aware by now the “Dreamcast 2” is trending on Twitter & Facebook. Apparently all because of one guy called Patrick Lawson.

Recently small band of gaming fans started “Project Dream” the founding member “Ben Plato” setup up the petition on that recently had a surge in signatures and mysterious website which seemed to be hinting that Sega will be releasing “Dreamcast 2” in few days time. The fans have been flocking to the group on Facebook showing off there passion for console’s & games collections.

Project Dream Team: Ben Plato & Bertie Wiseman and Joanne Freeman.

Probably thinking how does (“Patrick Lawson” Youtube handle “Tornado1994”) (SegaRenaissance) and “Zack Morris” and Sega “Arcade board” come into all this…?

Firstly: I am Bertie Wiseman.

Secondly: I am the one running and over looking the website. Please allow me  to apologies over the “Sega Logo” use on the count down landing page. When the website was being set-up I had no prior knowledge who was behind it. Later on I was asked to administrate the site. The first task was to take down Sega logo, which I believe caused curious minds into thinking that Sega has console in the works which is not the case at all! Not yet anyway.

This is my story on recent events surrounding the “Dreamcast 2” and “Patrick Lawson” Youtube handle “Tornado1994” AKA “Zach Morris” & “Mr Sega” – Segabits handle “EternalHope” “SegaRenaissance“.

All started out as something harmless to begin with… I just wanted to help out a good friend get some more signatures on the “Dreamcast Revival Petition” on, including the interview that Ben had done for “GameTraderUSA”:

Few days after the write-up recently found out the “Dreamcast 17th Anniversary” was few days off, I thought this would be a good chance to capitalized on this started tweeting out the article on that day of the Anniversary. Expecting a small bump in traffic and extra signatures on “Dreamcast revival petition”.

What happened next caught us by surprise within a few days the Dreamcast revival petition had gained extra “13K” signatures then it was fast approaching “15K” signatures, after about a week it was hitting “20K” signatures. During this time a guy called Patrick Lawson Youtube handle “Tornado1994” was making comments on petition well it caught our attention decided to have a chat with Patrick well seemed a nice enough guy at first plus had a canny “Writing Ability” even though it seemed over the top at times.

Dreamcast revival petition had caused quite the storm on the internet and social media, still it was interesting to see that people are getting excited for “Dreamcast 2 or a revival of some kind”. I am just curious as anyone why it’s kicked up such a storm.

Patrick Lawson had allot to say regarding Sega’s hardware especially Sega’s – “Arcade Boards and Business Practices” it seemed believable and convincing at face-value.

The information he was giving to gaming journalist without Project Dream consent, we never actually agreed to any of this and most of it was half-truths and bending back to his “Zero Edge” or “Zero Sega Arcade Board”.



We should of seen this as warning sign and what Patrick Lawson was trying to  propose regarding Project Dream and the Team involved. It wasn’t long before one of my friends noticed what “Patrick Lawson” had written and demanding what I was playing at? – My friend pointed out how Patrick Lawson article was trying to start some flame war and baiting people.

I put this down as Patrick Lawson not being experienced enough and edited the article myself and did not think much about it saw it as minor hiccup.

Soon after this Ben Plato created the Dreamcast revival facebook group and sent out message on about the new group, Sega fans came flooding in! It was exciting time seeing it happen for second time this year, during this moment we had little to no knowledge that Patrick Lawson was contacting gaming journalist and seeding them with false hope and news about Project Dream.

The facebook group  was streaming in with new members during this time new powers to run making sure the site was fully “SEO” optimized. Only during this time I started to become concerned for Patrick. I setup “Google Analytic” decided to check if it was working. I was in for another surprise! Checking the site live-status and how many visits the site was getting being realistic I wasn’t expecting much on the first viewing but there was something like 60 people viewing the site LIVE at one giving moment.

Thinking to myself: “I could not make sense what was going on, It’s only count down page”. Wondering where all this traffic was suddenly coming from, decided to look at the top-priority traffic what I could tell from news sources it turns out many people were getting to the site via-articles on gaming web blogs. I thought be neat idea to share these on Project dream facebook group.

I did just that…! Now I regret doing this and could not make sense what was going on every article had:”Patrick Lawson”, “Patrick Lawson”, “Patrick Lawson”…

Not just that he was talking more about this Project called “Ring Edge” or “Zero Edge” maybe “Ring Wide” and claiming to be leader of the group Project Dream. He also said in one of the articles that we will be starting up “KickStarter Project” and will need over “£1 Million in donations” and we have “Sega interns” on board helping us out.

I was growing concerned wondering how the hell did he get the news out there so quickly why is Patrick Lawson who is also known for using these online social media handles (“Tornado1994”, “MR Sega”, “Zach Morris”) why is he giving bogus statements about “Project Dream”.

At first I thought might of been someone high above gaming chain this might be some kind scam making mugs of our campaign for quick laugh.

Decided to have a chat with Patrick Lawson and call him out on the articles asked him why are you doing this? – “I said you can’t go round saying stuff like this most of it not true, so why are you saying this?”

Patrick response was always the same answer: “Because they are being Salty”.

A member from the Segabits community got in touch saying “Patrick Lawson is none-other than the notorious “Zach Morris” I wasn’t convinced at first because Patrick Lawson said before that Segabits were being “Salty” towards him and his claims.  The guy at Segabits gave me some examples:

The evidence is over whelming:


What going through my mind? I think this pic best demonstrates that:Mother of God

There was just too much convincing evidence my gut feeling was this guy was seriously bad for this Project Dream. So I cut him off soon as I could! Thanked the guy from Segabit’s for the tip off.

Obviously I had to explain my actions to Ben and Joanne I was worried they might think I am over-reacting. It wasn’t long after that Patrick Lawson was talking to Ben Plato and Joanne Freeman. Not sure who but they allowed him back into the group thankfully not as admin.

Ben wanted me to talk to Patrick Lawson and I tried to explain my case to Ben but he genuinely thought that Patrick Lawson was nice guy meant well.

I wasn’t having none it!

I told Ben Plato this your project they should be interviewing you not Patrick Lawson.

Anyway decided to talk to Patrick to show I was being co-operative. What I found on Patrick Lawson on the many Sega Forums and on Segabits and the articles made me feel extremely worried!

All Patrick Lawson had to say is back about all this is: “They are being Salty”. Then I asked how he was getting the news out so quickly. Turns out he contacted The Gaming Ground and woman Kotaku not just them either from my understanding. I thought at the time: So that’s how he is doing it!

Decided to get in touch with The Gaming Ground to share my concerns on Patrick Lawson. The Gaming Ground were more pissed than I was on Patrick Lawson he was like “**** Me” I have been lied to for about “3 hours” on this hole “Project Dream” my response back to this was like: “YEP”.

It wasn’t long after this were talking about how we could approach Sega what our proposal should be, Patrick suggest “Ring-edge” or “Zero Edge”. I quickly shut him down and quick to respond back: What are you playing at! This is Project Dream” not this “Zero-Edge”business he was quick to link me to an article he had all ready setup.

This what I was thinking at the time: ” This not good, I got to shut Patrick Lawson down now!” Even if Ben Plato thinks I am over reacting this guy going to far clearly has is own agenda in mind.

Segabits did their own on article on “Project Dream” It might seem they are down playing Project Dream and the campaign but you have remember they think Patrick Lawson is the leader behind it which obviously he is not, but I can see why people would think that. It turns out Segbits are fully aware of Patrick Lawson, they did not warn us but how could they know….

I would just like to point-out the guy who contacted me was just forum member from Segabits community who tipped me off and warned us about Patrick Lawson and his alter aliases, that Patrick Lawson is known for using in his crusade or online propaganda campaign to trick anyone into believing into his fanatic/fantasy about Sega and the Dreamcast2.

Well not all things are bad at least, some people know the  truth about “Project Dream” please check out what was said on the Segabits forum:

Yeah.. Never thought I would be part of something that shook the internet or come across someone who would use other people’s success for there own  “Agenda or Dream!”.

Not just me who’s got story behind Patrick Lawson the guy runs “The Gaming Ground” has interesting story tell on him also so if you want go check Patrick Lawson out what he’s done there please check out The Gaming Ground website and the comments section as it’s largely calling out Patrick Lawson’s lies.

Me and Ben Plato managed to do a better (Q & A) with The Gaming Ground which you can view (Here).

Anyway that’s my story one guy and his crusade for “Project Ring-Edge” and how he tried to high jack our campaign for his own agenda. It was like he was watching from the shadows waiting to strike, boy did he! Apparently he’s been doing this since 2003. If you want to find out more on “Patrick Lawson” you can check the stuff he’s done “Segabit'” Website and Forum he’s got most unhealthy obsession with Arcade Board called “Ring Edge” or “Ring Zero” or “Ring Wide”.

Also if you see these online alias’s or online social media handles being used in forums mainly on Sega sites , it’s most likely is Patrick Lawson also he started up new website called Sega United.

Sega United

(Please be aware of these names)


I would just like to point out: We do not have problem with Patrick’s Lawson’s Sega proposal it’s just not something “Project Dream” team would use for our own, also seeing Patrick has such history with Segabits. We really do not want to start flame war, we don’t know him well enough and his heart is so deeply entrenched in “Zero-Edge” & “Sega Orbi”.

It would only cloud-over what we will setup. No hard feelings Patrick but this needed to be said. We are not stopping you approaching Sega with your own proposal I wish you all the best in the future ;).

Finally I hope this sets the record straight on Project Dream.

Thank you for reading my story regarding “Dreamcast 2”, Patrick Lawson & Project Dream.

Remember to keep on Dreaming and don’t stop believing, we are doing all we can for the fans and bringing back legend of old.

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