Sassi Lee: Talks about Shenmue 3

Sassi Lee talks about Shenmue 3

Okay you beautiful and AMAZING people!! By now most of you have heard the news that this is happening. Yes! After reaching it’s first goal on kickstarter (and damn near breaking it) in a matter of hours Shenmue 3 is a go! I repeat; SHENMUE 3 IS A GO!!!

It’s been such a long and emotional journey for all of us, and that emotion has poured out in so many different ways, years before, and ever since this news has spread. I cannot express just how proud I am of all of you! Even those who gave up the fight, you never truly lost the desire for Shen3; it was just hard for you to hold on to. We all understand that. That’s why we held on to it for you. We got your back Shenfamily! IT HAS been hard! And we’re glad you’re finally back on board with us!

To those of us who have always held on to the idea of A FUTURE for Shenmue, not just a reboot, we have made it guys and gals! We have reached the final checkpoint before the finish line! Yes, we are weary and our hearts are bursting at the seams with pride and, indeed, pure happiness. But we aren’t finished JUST yet! We KNOW there’s still some mileage to go, but after this long and difficult (but extremely worthy) race WE CAN see the finish line now; and my god! What a beautiful finish line it is! We can just make out the words ‘Shenmue III’ and ‘PS4 and PC’ across the sunset coloured banner AND below those words a date…a little blurry but almost visable.

Pictures of our heroes adorn the flags up ahead and pink petals and red leaves cascade like a waterfall from the trees branching over the final goal where tables are set up with refreshments like Jet soda and Tomato Mart snacks adorned with pictures of a mysterious Chinese girl wearing pigtails in her hair! Behind all of this is a huge screen that plays scenes from Shenmue 3! Yes! Shen…mue…freaking…3!!!

But notice how with each step we take toward it that banner and everything that surrounds it gets a little bit more beautiful…a little more real looking…a little more detailed. Just like any massive project; if we want it done right and we want it done well we have to put in the effort. Shenmue 3 will happen, but just how satisfied we are by the end product relies solely on us! So please donate…donate more again if you can! Ask those who care about you to donate; even if it’s just the lowest payment they can make! Hell, my mother doesn’t even play Shenmue but she knows how much it means to me so she offered off of her own back to help the project!

People who love you that much WILL HELP us all! Every single coin and bill will count toward stretching this project to the best it can be…to create a perfect and worthy continuation of the Shenmue story! So keep this going people! Let those you know outside of our community that this may not be important to them but it is important to you. It’s not a charity or a human or animal protection project but it is part of your heart and soul and it does matter to you. And what is $5 between friends and family?

A drink or meal bought for you on a night out? A little gift here and there; just because they care? Or a small donation toward something that will make you and your close and mutually devoted Shenfamily happy for years to come? Let them all know just how much this really means to you!

Finally, I want to take this moment to thank everyone who took part in all of the campaigns involving Shenmue and the tweeters who just wouldn’t stop tweeting ‪#‎SAVESHENMUE ! Every single fan who kept the fire burning inside them (no matter how low the flame) and thus setting aflame the Shenmue name for all to see! Thank you to every single fan! You rock people! Thank you to my fellow admins; especially those most active when some of us just couldn’t find the time to carry the flag!

We all did what we could in our own way but to those admins (who I admire with all my heart) who took the word ‘dedication’ and made it look like a less than adequate word; I salute you! Thank you for making me a part of this and lets keep this Shenmue family kicking until we’re not kicking anymore!! And thank you to everyone behind the business end of the kickstarter project; and Yu Suzuki! We are forever grateful for the story you have, so far, shared with us and we look forward to celebrating Shenmue 3 in your honour sir!

PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE to the Shenmue 3 kickstarter!! Lets make this the best Shenmue yet!!!!


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