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Article by Jacob Niemuth


2017 has been a crazy year for people in the gaming realm that are into the classics. Game franchises and companies that have been supposedly dead for decades have once again come out of the wood work from seemingly thin air. This year we are taking a look back at things that literally came back from the dead.


Sega’s has been the victim of a series of running jokes about how the company just isn’t the same as it once was back in the 90’s. But is this really the case?


Eggman got his Master in Sega Meme's

I just said that in Dr Eggman voice – Did you?


This year we didn’t just see one major Sonic game but we got to see two of them!


The first for the classic Sega gamer’s was Sonic Mania which managed to become one of the most popular Sega games of the year and during the game of the year awards managed to go head to head against not just one Nintendo title but four Nintendo titles for the title of Best Family Friendly game of the year, even though Sonic Forces didn’t win it shows that Nintendo still has a reason to be terrified of Sega reminding them who that Sonic will always be number two behind Mario for most popular franchise.


Made by Fans and for the Fans – Sonic Mania


Sega’s second game wasn’t exactly the best the levels where too small and the game didn’t take long to complete people wanted to see more. This however is the only down fall that’s notable for the game.


Sonic Forces a game made by Boardroom Executives Think Tanks

Sonic Forces a game made by Boardroom Executives Think Tanks


The game play itself was sharp as ever and the soundtrack has been by far my favorite soundtrack out of any game this year. Again reminding everyone that Sega is far from dead and that it takes a lot more then a few dead meme’s to bring them down.


Another Sega related thing that’s been doing well is Dreamcast Reloaded.



Dreamcast Reloaded is the think tank movement that started off as Project Dream back in 2015 with over 3500 members and after a major restructuring and more then a year of Research and Development from all wakes of life across the world international collaboration between fans.


Dreamcast Reloaded is beginning to see what Sega’s next console should be with a working prototype currently titled the Sega Spartan.




Dreamcast Reloaded current goal still stands: Write a proposal with details on what games and services should be brought back into the light to put Sega back on the map world wide contender in console market – The current proposal we currently have in place, needs to be translated  into Japanese and more game request can also be added to the Proposal – If you feel we might be missing any. Please Join Our Group and have your say?



It also in a more refined revision will have a business plan for how Sega can return to the console market with the proposed hardware that Dreamcast Reloaded will provide.


The Spartan current specs can be found not only on Dreamcast Reloaded Facebook Page but it can be also be found at the main creator’s website at


This hasn’t been the only piece of hardware that’s come into fruition this year however.


This year we get to see the launch of a new Amiga computer the most powerful one yet. Although it’s the same Amiga OS we all knew and love from Commodore back in the 80’s and 90’s.


This particular model known as the Amiga X5000 was released by A-Eon and features a PowerPC Freescale P5020 clocked at 2.0 Ghz. It’s also has support for up the 16GB of and has support for a Nvidia graphics card of the users choice which yes means that you can put a GTX 1080 TI in an Amiga.


AMIGA X500 Computer

AMIGA X500 Computer


The Amiga also sports AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition which is the latest version AmigaOS that’s available.


Enough about hardware though lets switch gears back to software. The Woolies Strike Back the latest Bubsy game in a supposedly dead franchise.


It was released last October and it’s the first Bubsy game to be released in 21 years. We also got to see Double Dragon IV released this year too with Double Dragon III being released 26 years prior. Super Bomber R the best selling Bomberman game since 1998 with Bomberman World on the PlayStation One.


Switching back to hardware Atari the thing that really made hell freeze over is announcing a brand new gaming system the first one to have been released from Atari since the Atari Jaguar back in 1994. Then there’s the Nintendo Switch the little console that could.





To answer the age old question can the SWITCH run Doom?


When you are feeling stressed need to relieve some tension, rip and split here and continue…!


The answer is yes and not just original version but the latest version of Doom. In fact the Nintendo Switch seems to be getting a lot of third party support we have Skyrim, Wolfenstien II, OutLast, and Minecraft.


This thing can and in less then a year it’s already sold 10 Million units and is almost on track to not only outsell the ill fated Wii U. But also has the possibility of outselling the Nintendo Wii and if this sells anything like the Wii did back in the previous decade.


Then god only knows what’s in store for gaming in this upcoming year.



Article by Jacob Niemuth

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