Sega is going to show us a hole new universe

Certainly interesting way for SEGA to start 2018 with a Mystery Announcement:  Recently on Sega Official Twitter account, they have recently asked Sega fans to take part in a poll about Sega Hardware and asking what games we enjoyed playing on the Sega Console Systems, both the Mega-Drive and Dreamcast are neck and neck but the Dreamcast just edging the lead slightly.



On the 12th January Sega Tweeted out a new post with an image of a “Light Bulb” and something will be announced on the 16th January.



The recently announced partnership and collaboration between SEGA and the American Tech-Hardware Company “Retrobit”. So far they have shown us – 3rd Party Sega accessories; mainly Sega controllers from the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast ft: USB Sockets and Bluetooth functions and other Sega related accessories to boot.


Retro Bit Logo

Sega Collaboration with RetroBit

Sega Collaboration with Retro-Bit


Dreamcast USB Controllers from Retrobit a collaboration with Sega

Dreamcast Bluetooth Controller from Retrobit a Collaboration with Sega.

Dreamcast Retro bit USB Controllers

Dreamcast Utilities by RetroBit




Putting this aside and focusing on the 16th January this might mean anything…?


However one cannot help but wonder this might be Sega’s first entry back into hardware for all we know Sega might be surprising us with a new set console mini’s by taking a leap from Nintendo with they’re own classic mini console system line-up. So we might start seeing mini-classics from The Master System, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, possibly the Sega Game Gear. Honestly it would not be that surprising if this is case.


If you are the type who loves theorizing then we can only speculate at this time as to what is going on with Sega and the mystery tweets  and what will be revealed on the 16th January, here some theories I have put together as to what Sega might have in store for us:


1) Sega will be revitalising they’re old consoles as Sega mini classic collections with HDMI sockets – with “80 games pre-loaded” with USB and Bluetooth support and all games displayed in 720P or 1080P resolutions from all generations.

2) Sega will announce a new game they are working on so we could expect: Jet Set Radio 3, Skies of Arcadia Remake, Burning Rangers 2 or something entirely new all together! Who knows… Maybe Dr Robotnic Hospital Simulator?

3) Sega will announce the much wanted Shenmue I / II HD Ports to current consoles and PC which Shenmueologists have been going crazy about since the announcement of Shenmue 3 back in 2015 E3 game show. It’s also a much requested set of games from a much more mature group of Sega and Shenmue fans at Dreamcast Reloaded.

4) I think most likely this will be Sonic Boom 2 or maybe the first Sanic games made by the fans. Hell this could even be much rumored game Knuckles ,Knuckles & Knuckles.

5) Man I would love this if Sega made another “Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed” game, fans would go nuts over a new Kart Racing game by Sega I most certainly would.

6) Sega will announce and team up with Patrick Lawson also known as Mr Tornado1994 bring out the first of it’s kind Arcade Console will be possibly be known as the (RingEdge / Ring-Wide-3000) – ft a i5 Haswell CPU and will need over $1 billion in donations not only that a signed movie contract with the running title: The Disaster Console – with Eddie Murphy starring as Patrick Lawson, based on the memoirs from Bertie Wiseman Book What Happened at Project Dream.

7) Last but not least this could be a new console possibly a Dreamcast 2 if this does end up happening this will be more excitement and mass hysteria than second coming of Jesus Christ.


Whatever the rumour, whatever Sega got planned, it certainly sounds exciting interesting way to grab attention – Lets hope it’s worth the wait and not another marketing ploy get us hyped and over something might just end up being just hot-air and another bland and generic 3D Sonic Game.


Being serious the rumor probably just about this…


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