SEGA is Forever, not just for Christmas

SEGA have softened their community stance in recent years and now there is a new angle of theirs, called SEGA Forever.


Here are the SEGA Forever links:


SEGA Forever is a brilliant initiative from SEGA, showcasing many classic games on mobile. Many games such as the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and Revenge of Shinobi, can all be enjoyed free (with ads) or paid with a small fee (without ads).



Importantly what is so great about SEGA Forever is that it opens up many great games from the catalogue, to a new generation of gamers. It is widely acknowledged that mobile gaming and handheld gaming in general, is seen as the future.

So it is a smart move, which should be seen as a steady banker for the company.

Not only in galvanising and improving the reputation of the company, but in hopefully helping the business also.

Whereas many in recent years, question the relevance of SEGA, it’s important to not forget how great they were and can still be.

Releases of the likes of Sonic Mania, Yakuza and Bayonetta, among others, prove that SEGA can still deliver. Even if they are not perhaps, being supported as they should be, by their masters at the top. These same masters, who perhaps are more concerned about making money, than making legacies.


Made by Fans and for the Fans – Sonic Mania


And certainly in recent times, less concerned in protecting the quality name and legacy of SEGA.

SEGA is, or at least was, one hell of a respected name, like Nintendo. Now sometimes, it seems like a punchline. Thankfully, SEGA has made big strides in recent years. And in my opinion, they are on their way back, even if not to the heights they once reached.


Sega Forever on Google Play


Here are the SEGA Forever links:



But on the bright side, at least Mimi can now play SEGA to her heart's content, on the move.

But on the bright side, at least Mimi can now play SEGA to her heart’s content, on the move.


There are many green shoots, that show SEGA is slowly clawing it’s way back to it’s former greatness. Will there ever be another SEGA console?

Will any truly major SEGA IP’s ever get PROPERLY revisited? As unlikely as it is, you can never say never.

They say in business, if someone has reached the top, they will always find a way to get back there again. So no matter how far SEGA has fallen from greatness, whatever you do, don’t underestimate them.

There may just be a SEGA revival after all…

For now we have @segaforever. Great games from the huge array of quality IP’s only SEGA can offer. Great games that can now be played free of charge on your phone or tablet device.
A huge win all round.

Remember SEGA is Forever, not just for Christmas.

@DeathWishRyo (ಠ▂ಠ,)


Maybe next time kid, I'm too busy playing SEGA games on my 1980's brick phone...

Maybe next time kid, I’m too busy playing SEGA games on my 1980’s brick phone…

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