Sega Europe has responded via youtube video with the results from twitter campaign #AskSega


Sega community manager Dan Sheridan responded in the video


If you are true Shenmue die hard veteran then response from Sega Europe will come as no surprise.

No offense to Sega Europe but it probably be down to Sega Japan to make this happen but no harm in forwarding message what Western fans want from Sega I wish them the best.

The first two Shenmue games has allot of product placement material. If a new ShenmueHD game was to be made for consoles and PC, then it would need overhaul of such product placements and possibly new royalty contracts. Shenmue when it came out in 1999 was trying to push the boundaries what could be done in a game.Product Placement in ShenmueSega Europe This involved not just game creators but; cinematographers, architects, script writers, musicians and orchestra’s and 100’s of voice actors and in game advertising such Coca Cola  and Timex and even Suzuki Motor Bike.

This also why Offspring sound track in latest version of Crazy Taxi and many product placement such as: Pizza Hut and Levi store cannot be found in latest updated version of Crazy Taxi.  All this would mean new contracts or paying royalties to content creators who helped in foundation of Shenmue 1 & 2.

It’s bound to cause complications and why Sega have been reluctant to release ShenmueHD sooner.

 This might seem like a negative but we should also see the benefits of ShenmueHD what could possibly be done to improve on the first two iteration of the game:


  • Maybe extra DLC for Shenmue 1 & 2  and chapters that were missed and opportunity to improve on area’s and extra content to boot and maybe option to move Ryo with the analogue stick instead of the D-Pad.
  • Wouldn’t be great to go fishing at the harbor or maybe even ride to work on motorbike instead of taking the bus.
  • It would be great to practice and improve on Ryo Hazuki moves in shenmue 2 with training area’s instead of taking on challenger’s to improve Ryo Skill level .
  • Importantly you would be able to transfer you’re save file over to Shenmue 3 after completing Shenmue 2.
  • Maybe even add the bicycle that was removed to due disc space limitations. A few hardcore fans such as James Reiner have been trying rework back into the game as mod.


Over all it’s important for ShenmueHD to happen not just for the fans but to ensure that Shenmue 3 is mass success and to help newcomers familiarise themselves with the characters and the importance of Ryo Hazuki journey to avenge his farther.Shenmue box art

ShenmueHD needs to happen but we should not see this current issue as complication &  negative… but a chance to enrich Shenmue Saga even further if that is possibility that is…  Shenmue might not have been ready for the world in 1999 what I have seen much dedication from the fans and what they achieved to get Shenmue 3 funded, it would be most welcoming for ShenmueHD to happen.

Sega you have listened and responded now please take action and #SaveShenmueHD. 


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