Shenmue Yokosuka City Tourist Guide Map – By SEGA

The Yokosuka Action Promotion Committee has managed to persuade Sega cooperation to create this Tourist guide aka Shenmue Pilgrimage Map of Yokosuka City, a location of Japan made famous because of Shenmue which was a game title on the Dreamcast back in 1999.



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Honestly pretty cool move by Sega creating this guide which was kind of unexpected seeing they have been mum for many years about promoting Shenmue. It’s nice to see that Sega has finally had a change of tune seeing their own IP’s are benefiting Sega as a hole, while also representing Japan and it’s communities. It’s a nice gesture for sure… Not just for for the town of Yokosuka but for those many Shenmue and Sega fans wanting to explore the many locations that have influence Sega gaming IP’s.


The Shenmue Tourist guide is all ready available in local shop in Yokosuka check out this tweet below! 





Both English and Japanese version of Shenmue Yokosuka City Guide Map can be

Downloaded at the Cocoyoko website


The Sacred Map

The Sacred Map Part 2 


I would be lying if I am not tad curious why they have decided to do this (Tourist Guide) this could also mean that maybe we could also start seeing Shenmue HD in the near future to go hand in hand with the Shenmue Pilgrimage and along with Shenmue 3 release.  – (This is only speculation on my part either case it’s very good sign that Sega are finally seeing and noticing the influence of Shenmue and helping create fan service, while also helping out with Japan tourism.)



If you would like find out more please visit the Phantom River Stone Blog for more detailed look into Shenmue Yokosuka Tourist Guide.



Shenmue “Sacred Spot” Guide Map Announced | Translation


Surprise – Sega is promoting Shenmue again!


The association for the promotion of tourism in Yokosuka (the Yokosuka Action Promotion Committee) has miraculously managed to gain SEGA’s cooperation to produce a Shenmue-themed tourist booklet entitled Shenmue Chapter One: Yokosuka ‘Sacred Spot’ Guide Map.


It covers points of interest around the area in which Shenmue I was set, and will become available at 10:00 am on Sunday, December 3rd (JST), in both physical and online form.




A short description about the guide map has been published on the association’s site that is currently in Japanese only, so below is a translation of the text into English. Enjoy!


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