Shenmue 3 Aftermath


Article Dated  06/23/2015

I am still in shock and  worn-out from all news and reaction from the fan’s and the part I have played at Shenmue500K gathering all related new’s on Shenmue 3 and the Sony conference and Yu Suzuki-san. I just could not believe this day had finally come.


Shenmue3 Kick-Starter donations from the fans was as expected and has always been powerful, emotional and sentimental and at times crazy, breaking records in matter of hour’s bringing kick-Starter to it’s knee’s with the amount of donations made in very short period of time.


The hype and energy and the relief that we will be seeing another Shenmue game after 15 years, seemed like impossible task, but the fan base kept on going regardless holding onto something that surely missed in gaming but also our desire to look forward to something that was considered in it’s time ground breaking.


Now we will finally see story continue…


Shenmue 3 Kick-Starter met it’s required target goal of $2 million in blink of an eye!!! Incredible feat in itself.


Once the “Shenmue 3 hype train slowed down” the trolls and the miss information started creeping in.


Sony is funding part of the game; The “critic’s” and “click-bait articles” have been trying to spin this into something it’s really not, trying to spin kick-Starter on it’s head making out to be PR stunt by Sony.

What people are forgetting is few years ago Sony put together the “3rd Party Development Team” lead by “Gio-Corsi” and “Adam Boye’s”. They asked gamer’s what games they would like to see on PS4; The fans responded, so far what I have seen and heard about “3rd Party Development team”, they have done exactly that, brought  games to the PS4.


We all know Shenmue has complicated history financially, Sony was reluctant to back the full game. Kick-Starter was nothing more than test see how fans were willing to go and to insure  Shenmue 3 would not  be a “dud” but actually something worth having on PS4 console.


As I have said above it certainly showed there is much interest in Shenmue 3, I did not see problem with this at all, but some reason other’s thought otherwise, it really surprised me how ‘ignorant’ the ‘critics’ and ‘You-Tubers’ out there can be, who are really miss-informed about Shenmue, it just makes it more frustrating because they are feeding the miss-information to viewers who very well could be potential new fan and who might want to donate to the Shenmnue 3 kick-starter campaign.

Personally I honestly thought gamer’s were generally loyal to one another what I have seen in the aftermath is that allot people out there who want to exploit this situation for there own gain or just to be a troll.


This could also be a problem, especially for Shenmue fans; I see the fan base behind shenmue allot like a “Double edged sword” yes we do have passion “fiery spirit” in all of us, even I have gone above the board sometimes.


Because of this we play right into troll’s hands but also I came to realise that maybe this not really problem after all.


Old saying I heard some where before, I think it was: “Phineas T. Barnum, the 19th century American”.

“There is no such thing as bad publicity”


Because of this I have come to terms what is going on with the critics you-tubers as far as I can see you helping the game and bringing new fans possible and more donations to the Shenmue 3 Kick-Starter campaign, well hopefully…

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