Shenmue 3 Confirmed!!!

Shenmue 3 Confirmed, in less than 24 hours the fans managed to donate $2 Million Dollars!!!

I can’t believe this day has finally come, right now here I am at my computer looking and thinking back watching the E3 Sony PlayStation conference and then I see legendary Yu Suzuki…. Sitting  in the audience while the camera pans over while watching this at shenmue500K facebook group, I new in my heart this would be it, I new after so many years since I was teenager back in 2000, when I started this most epic journey this was truly something special more than just a game, I have met some of  most dedicated and awesome people through Shenmue Fandom.

As much as it’s a victory for Shenmue 3 also victory and hope for the many fans.

We have waited so long, some new fans have only just experienced this opus of a game, what we all know is that Shenmue is the kind of game touche’s the human spirit like no other…

I just wanted to express this feeling from my very heart.

I would like to thank “Yu Suzuki” and the fans for this epic  journey I have been on for 15 years.

It really has been such long and epic struggle and also I haven’t felt this truly happy about something in long time, Shenmue to me and allot of other’s is more than just game to some it’s the experience to others it’s life.

But to all it’s the game that brought us all together showed us true world and to do what is right.

Thank you YU Suzuki

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