Shenmue 3 (Campaign) FAQ’s



KickStarter Funding has now ended…

If you would like to make donation please make it at the PayPal Slacker Backer Campaign (Click Here)


Q – Has it already been funded?

A – KickStarter campaign is (over/finished) however if you missed out during the Kickstarter campaign it is now possible to make a donation at

Shenmue 3 is currently in development right now!!!

Still… if you want the game to be the Shenmue 3 you always dreamed of, keep contributing, keep spreading the word.

Q – Which platforms will it be coming out on?

A – PS4 and PC only. We’re not certain that it won’t come out for WiiU or Xbox One or Mac, but it probably won’t. Sony are partners in this project.

Q – Sony are partners? So why doesn’t Sony just fund the damn thing?

A – The short answer is that they have a little faith in Shenmue (3rd party guys are big Shenmue fans), but not quite enough to jump in at the deep end. This is their way of gauging interest. The more money we throw into the “Kickstarter/Slackerbacker campaign” , the more support and fans they can see there are.

The more fans they see there are, the more money they themselves will contribute to the project. They’ve officially come out and said that they are partners in the entire project, and that they are contributing “some funding”.

QWhy does Ryo look so weird? And what’s up with the voice acting?

A – These graphics and voices are all temporary. What was shown isn’t a trailer or even a teaser, it’s just an example. A placeholder. Something to show fans at E3. Trust in Yu Suzuki! He won’t release a game that isn’t at least pleasing to the eye, and Ryo will look (and sound) like Ryo.

Q – Which hashtag are we using? Why not Fund Shenmue or ShenmueSaved?

A – Kickstarter funding campaign is now finished… Please make donations here

However Sega have been mum on the releases of ShenmueHD we feel Shenmue experience has to be played in it’s entirety and to keep the fans unified, because of this  we’re not out of the woods yet. we are now using #SaveShenmueHD

Q – How much money does Yu Suzuki need to make a true AAA Shenmue?

A – We’re not sure. We’ve heard rumors about an amount he feels that he needs, and we’ve heard rumors about how much Sony are contributing (a percentage based on what we donate), but we don’t know anything solid.

Q – What will happen to this website?

A – The website is going to be on fire for 2 and a half years talking about possibilities for Shenmue 3. After that, you can bet your left buttock that Shenmue fans will remain as passionate and lively as ever. We’re going nowhere. Plus, we still need Shenmue 1 & 2 HD versions to be released before Shenmue 3, which is another reason to keep tweeting!

If you would like to make donation please make it here at the PayPal Slacker Backer Campaign (Click Here)

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